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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 13:20

CTV Hometown Tour shines the light on Swift Current

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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CTV News Co-Anchors Dan McIntosh and Danelle Boivin get the crowd excited before broadcasting live for part of their Hometown Tour in Swift Current. CTV News Co-Anchors Dan McIntosh and Danelle Boivin get the crowd excited before broadcasting live for part of their Hometown Tour in Swift Current. Photo by Jessi Gowan

Swift Current was in the spotlight on Sept. 24 live on the CTV Regina News as part of its Hometown Tour. Co-Anchors Dan McIntosh and Danelle Boivin visited the city and even broadcast live from Market Square with tons of Swift Current residents cheering them on.

“The people are always so great, every stop I go to,” admitted McIntosh. “They make you feel a bit silly, since you’re just a person getting off the bus to do your job, but you kind of forget how many people watch. That great reception, the hand shakes, the people wanting pictures. It’s always really nice.”
The afternoon began with a trip to Central School, where students were waiting on the front steps to greet the news crew. Cindy Penner, who organized the event, was pleased with how well-behaved the children were, and enjoyed seeing them interacting with the anchors.
“They were really so good with the kids, talking to them and laughing with them, and the little kindergarten kids were hugging onto their legs when it was time for them to go,” she noted. “It was just a really great welcome for them.”
From there, the crew ventured to the new Hockey Hall of Fame, and then headed on to the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre. The group had a tour of the cereals building, and then had a unique, interactive opportunity to learn all about the digestion system of a cow.
Both McIntosh and Boivin were good sports, and put their hands right inside the animal.
“We really weren’t sure what to expect when we got there and saw the long pink gloves,” Boivin said. “It was interesting to stick my hand inside a cow, that was definitely something new and surprising for me.”
The group also stopped at the Newcomer Welcome Centre and the Lyric Theatre, which was a treat for Penner, since she hadn’t been to the theatre since she was a child. Following the tour, the crew set up for the news broadcast from downtown Swift Current, while a crowd gathered for music and a barbecue.
“The enthusiasm was just so nice to see,” Penner explained. “I shouldn’t be surprised, but part of me was. I was afraid no one would show up, after all of this hard work.”
Penner initially submitted a nomination to CTV News at the end of August, and only had two weeks to plan the tour of the community. With the help of her family and the City of Swift Current, the event was a great success. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the community, and since both Boivin and McIntosh have roots in Swift Current, it was a bit of a homecoming for them.
“I’d only been to Swift Current before as a child, so it was great to come here as an adult and see it in a whole new light,” Boivin admitted. “I got to experience things I never got to share as a kid, and it’s just a truly wonderful community.”
McIntosh had a particular interest in Swift Current’s sports history, having been heavily involved with both hockey and softball during his six months living in the city.
“That was a really formative time for me; my first job in journalism, and it was a lot of fun being here,” he said. “To be able to come back and see it all over again, and to see how it’s changed, it’s been really great.”
The evening finished with the presentation of CTV’s Hometown Hero award, which was given to Shann Gowan in recognition of the work she has done to help grow Swift Current’s thriving cultural community.
“I try to work hard to do things for the community, so to have that recognized is very rewarding,” Gowan explained. “I didn’t know anything about this award, so it was a big surprise and I’m very excited. Lots of great people do wonderful things for this community, so it’s an honor to be chosen among them. It’s a very nice thing that CTV does to visit communities around the province, and give this award away.”

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