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Friday, 21 September 2012 10:46

Unnamed 'outbreak' declared at Herbert and District Health Facility

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Under the guidance of Consulting Medical Health Officer Dr. David Torr, the Cypress Health Region has declared an ‘outbreak’ on the acute side of the Herbert & District Integrated Health Facility this morning. 


The outbreak was declared following the identification of gastro-intestinal signs and symptoms by a number of individuals at the facility’s acute and emergency department.  A total of 6 individuals have presented with similar symptoms as of this time.  Samples have been sent to the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory in Regina and results are anticipated over the next day or two.


The following restrictions and guidelines are in place for the facility in order to assist with this situation and the prevention of further spreading the symptoms into the community:

·         Acute side – visitors are not allowed to any inpatients in the acute beds.

o   The emergency department will be available to assist individuals facing true emergency situations.  We ask for the public’s assistance in only visiting the emergency department if you are facing urgent or emergent situations, and do not present if your situation can wait for the physician clinic visit.

·         Long term care – visitation is still allowed on the long term care side of the facility, but if the public is experiencing any illness or gastro-like signs/symptoms, they are asked to stay away from visiting.  Proper and frequent handwashing upon entering and leaving the long term care side is essential to prevent the spread.

o   If planning to visit, please call ahead to the facility to see if the situation has changed which may cause the facility to restrict visitation to prevent the further spread into the community.

·         Community Health services – these will remain available to the public with emphasis on proper handwashing coming in and out of the facility.


The region’s Infection Control Team is coordinating the efforts of additional cleaning within the facility and implementing additional protocols to assist in eliminating any potential risk for further spread.


This situation serves as a reminder to the entire public that proper and frequent handwashing is essential to the prevention of illness and disease.  It is important to note that everyone can play a role in reducing the risk.


Updates to this situation will be made available on the region’s website at

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