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Thursday, 20 September 2012 13:30

Swift Current native set to make TV debut on The Bachelor Canada

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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Swift Current native Britany Boutin will compete against 24 other women from across the country for the heart of professional football player Brad Smith on this fall’s season of The Bachelor Canada.

Premiering on Citytv Oct 3, the nine-episode series will follow this local girl as she hopes to win over the new bachelor on national television.
“We went on a family trip in February, and we all helped her fill out the forms to apply for the show,” explained Alicia Smith, Boutin’s cousin. “She loves reality shows, she’s always watching them, and we’d joked about it before, but she’s shy and hasn’t really had a lot of boyfriends. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but we have all been really supportive.”
Boutin, who recently moved to Calgary to pursue a position as a Registered Nurse, has always been a bright, independent young woman. Smith feels these qualities will help her advance through the competition.
“She’s not the type of girl who needs a boyfriend; she’s on her own,” Smith said. “She’s the kind of girl who gets in a relationship for the long-term, she’s a very good, innocent girl. She really is a very caring person, and I hope that he sees that in her.”
So far, the family has been watching previews for the show and discussing what the outcome might be.
While Smith is trying to enjoy the show for entertainment’s sake, her mother, Laurie Cobler, is more interested in analyzing the commercials and trying to pick out her niece’s voice and features.
“Our prediction is that she gets pretty far in the competition, based on what we’ve seen in the previews,” Cobler said. “We are hoping the best for her, because you don’t want to see someone you care about get hurt. I do worry about that, because she is a very special girl, and I would not want to be watching and see her have her feelings hurt.”
Smith is also concerned about how the media will portray her sweet, innocent cousin. Having watched a number of reality shows with Boutin in the past, including seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and Big Brother, she wonders how much of the actual personalities of the participants is revealed to the public.
“I'm really curious about what the show might bring out in her,” she admitted. “She’s got such a mean look on her face in the commercial, and I’ve never seen her like that before, so I do think about how they will focus on her personality.”
However, Cobler feels Boutin will stay true to herself, so there will be no way for the media to present her any way other than how she really is.
“She is just such a genuine person; she’s never been mean; she never picks on anyone,” Cobler said. “I think he will see that, he will realize that there is someone special there. Unless they do some major editing on the show, she will come across as a great girl, because that’s just who she is.”
Cobler is organizing a premiere party with some of her co-workers, and even Boutin’s grandmother Rosemary is planning to watch the show — even though she’s not a fan of reality television, as a general rule.
“I’m in the same category as a lot of other people my age, but I’m excited for her,” she said. “She’s my granddaughter, and she’s very nice, very smart, and very pretty. I’m thrilled that she got this far, out of all the girls in Canada, and I’m certainly proud.”

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