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Theft puts damper on spray park upgrade

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The theft of a key component is a major setback for the upgrade of a spray park in Swift Current.                                                      


Saskatoon contractor Reg Carmichael was set to complete the upgrade of the spray park in Rotary Park this week, but the theft of a nine foot high, 200 pound spin soaker will leave a major gap.

Carmichael discovered the theft when he arrived at the work site on July 4.

“We're just about finishing it all and we had these components come in yesterday,” he said. “We just left the one at the job site and somebody stole it last night and so we can't finish the project.”

The spin soaker is basically a giant outdoor shower head that sprays water onto the users of the park.

“It's a big component that goes on for a spray toy and it's no good for anybody except for it to go onto these spray toys,” he said.

It is made from stainless steel and powder coated in blue and yellow to match the colours of the smaller components in the spray park. It took two men to off-load from a truck when it arrived on the work site on July 3.

According to Carmichael the value of this large spin soaker with a wheel handle is $8,500. He is offering a reward of $500 to anyone who assists the police to find it.

“If we can get that back it will sure be great,” he said.

He is not sure why anyone would want to steal it, other than trying to sell it as scrap material to salvage yards.

“We phoned the police and the salvage companies know about it already,” he said.

The spin soaker is made on order by a company in Kelowna, B.C. It usually takes six to eight weeks to manufacture.

Carmichael, who is the owner of the construction company Dynamic Construction, has been building water parks for over 30 years, including half a dozen in Swift Current. This is the first time that an item has been stolen from one of his work sites.

“I don't even have insurance on it,” he said. “I thought I was maybe covered with it, but I phoned my insurance company and all I have is liability insurance. I don't have theft. So I'm really hoping that we can get it found because it's a lot of money out of my pocket.”



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