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City of Swift Current street sweeping continues on May 3

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City crews will continue street sweeping in Area No. 4 and begin street sweeping in Area No. 7 on Thursday, May 3, 2012.


Residents are asked to move their vehicles off the street to allow for a thorough sweeping. 

Sweeping of residential areas will be carried out between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


The residential neighbourhoods have been separated into 14 areas and the intent is to sweep one of these areas daily.


For those with internet access, please visit the City of Swift Current’s home page at


·         Then select the “City Hall” link

·         Then scroll down and select “Public works”

·         Under “Streets and Transportation” you will then select “Street Sweeping” where you will find

information regarding the residential sweeping program and a map of the city


For those without internet access to the map, Area No. 4 streets are located SOUTH of HERBERT STREET WEST:


·         1st Ave. NW

·         2nd Ave. NW

·         3rd Ave. NW

·         4th Ave. NW

·         5th Ave. NW

·         6th Ave. NW

·         7th Ave. NW

·         8th Ave. NW

·         9th Ave. NW

·         10th Ave. NW


And the following streets WEST of CENTRAL AVENUE:


·         Chaplin St. W

·         Cheadle St. W

·         North Railway St. W


Area No. 7 includes the following streets located East of 6th Ave. NE; South of the South Service Rd. and West of North Hill Drive:


·         Robert St. – Est of 6th Ave. NE

·         Golden Place

·         Jubilee Road

·         Jubilee Dr.

·         Bothwell Dr.

·         Irwin Dr.

·         Riverview Dr.

·         North Hill Dr.

·         Grey St. – East of 6th Ave. NE

·         Wallman Place

·         George St.

·         Elmwood Dr.

·         Powley St.

·         Bray St.

·         6th Ave. NE; 7th Ave. NE; 8th Ave. NE; 9th Ave. NE; 10th Ave. NE; and 11th Ave. NE


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