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Free training for Respect in Sport initiative

Written by  Andrea Carol
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The City of Swift Current is taking steps to ensure accountability doesn’t fall through the  human services sector gap.

With close to 1,500 Safe Places Youth Certified community members in only three years into the Safe Places initiative, the City is creating a culture of accountability for the vulnerable sector. Coming this September, the City is offering free Respect in Sport training codes and sessions for anybody who is interested. This course is now being offered FREE for a limited time.
“We are offering free facilitated training. Anybody from the public can come along and take part in training sessions,” said Kelly Schafer, Safe Places Manager. “Rather than do the Respect In Sport at home, then you can do it part of a group. We will have laptops set up and we are there on hand just to guide everybody through it. We are also offering free grant codes. So for the month of September and October, for anybody that wants to take the Respect in Sport Training and do it at home, they can apply for a grant code. They can apply online at”
Zeroing in on three years since Safe Places was launched in Swift Current, means many of those who had been trained before will be due to renew their certifications in the near future.
“Training is valid for only three years, it’s a recertification cycle. Simply because we put criminal record checks with that and we just feel like three years is long enough especially working with youth, we should recertify,” explained Schafer. “In most professions, you’re always having to upgrade yourself, so I think to update or refresh yourself on some of these key factors that are brought up within the training, I don’t think is a bad thing.”
There is no question that, the community members who work with the vulnerable sector in society want to do well for them.
Swift Current and area volunteers have been know for their  history of goodwill and generosity. It is imperative the community continue to strive for accountability. 
“It is a community initiative and I think it’s important that we all continue to raise awareness around bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. It’s just about setting a baseline standard, like a quality of service. Everybody is on the same page. It’s the training itself, but it’s the fact that collectively we are trying to make Swift Current a safer place and improve the quality of service we are providing for kids,” said Schafer. “To recognize that abuse is happening and the more we can talk about it and have those conversations, the easier it is for everybody to take steps to ensure we are protecting those we need to.”
The Safe Places certification is a valuable training and screening tool. It provides a set of checks and balances, training and development tools designed to protect the vulnerable and support the volunteer or worker’s longevity in the field. The City is working towards sensitizing decision makers in organizations hoping they will participate.
“We are verging on 1,500 adults now that are Safe Places Youth Certified which is pretty exciting given that this is only our third year now. I think it’s important that parents begin to ask questions of the leaders that are coaching their kids in whatever capacity that is,” said Schafer.
“I know there is a strong sport connection within Swift Current and I think lots of those sports organizations are coming on board now. We are looking at all sectors whether it’s churches, music or culture. It’s just for parents to ask those questions, ‘Does the teacher teaching my kid have a criminal background check?’.
If you or your organization would like to help make our community safer, please contact the City of Swift Current.
To register for the Safe Places Certification training or to receive a grant code, please go to or call 306-778-2777.

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