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Swift Current RCMP dealt with variety of issues June 15-17

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The following is a synopsis of calls for service by the Swift Current RCMP for the dates indicated:

4:31 PM - report of adult female who attended a residence on the O block of 8th Avenue N.E. who became beligerent when asked to leave. The female refused & was then forced out of the residence by the property reps. No charges were laid in relation to the incident.
5:00 PM - report of two female youths missing from the O block of 1st Avenue N.E. Both females were later located in Swift Current.
6:40 PM - officers were on patrol when a female youth was located intoxicated at a location on Connaught Drive. The female youth was given a ride home. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.
7:40 PM - report of vehicles with loud mufflers on the 600 block of 2nd Avenue N.W. The caller wants the mufflers removed from the vehicles & the owners ticketed. No vehicle !details were able to be provided at the time of the call. This matter is still under investigation.
8:34 PM - 911 hangup call on the 300 block of 2nd Avenue NW. Officers spoke to the property rep who explained that  she was having difficulty getting out of a chair in her yard. While on the phone with officers a passerby helped the female up. No emergency was taking place.
10:46 PM - report of a loud party on the O block of 3rd Avenue S.E. Officers attended & shut down the party.
11: 11 PM - report of a suicidal female outside a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive. It was later  determined that the female had left that location & returned home. Officers attended her residence & took the female to the hospital.
2:49 AM - report of a loud party on 200 block of 6th Avenue N.E. Officers attended & shut down the party.
8:30 AM - report from an adult female advising that her ex-husband had hacked all of her personal accounts & changed all her passwords & has been messaging people from her ac¢ounts. Nothing criminal was occuring, she was advised to have all of her accounts cancelled.
12:21 PM - report of a two vehicle collision that occured on Chaplin Street W. A black Cadillac Escalade backed into a grey Volkswagen· Jetta. No one was injured in the incident, bdth vehicles were still driveable & both had Saskatchewan licence plates making it non-reportable. Both parties were referred to their insurance provider.
2:17 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on an adult female on the 100 block of Grey Street W. as she is not answering her phone or door. Officers spoke with the female who was okay and was just out with a relative.
2:43 PM - 911 call of a hit & run on North Service Road W. While stopped at a light a white Ford Ranger rear ended a white Ford Edge & drove away from the scene. A plate number was obtained in the incident. This matter is still under investigation.
4:02 PM -911 call of a piece of property on the ground at the intersection of George Street E. & 6th Avenue N.E. The caller believes it may have been dropped. Officers attended the location to recover the property but it was gone prior to their arrival.
5:25 PM - report of an adult male in the street of Central Avenue N. stopping traffic. Officers attended to the location & told the male he needs to stop holding up traffic.
5:46 PM - report of a male that just left an establishment on North Service Road E. stumbling & appeared to have difficulty backing his vehicle out of the parking lot. Plate number for the vehicle was provided & was last seen travelling southbound on 1st Avenue N.W. Officers made patrols & located the vehicle vacant at the registered owners home.
9:11 PM -911 call from an adult male saying his adult son is holding some of his property & won't give it back & that he's also doing illegal drugs. The caller then became upset with police, said a bunch of obscenities & hung up.
9:20 PM - report of an adult male trying to get the female caller to breach the no-contact conditions of her court ordered undertaking. No breach occurred & police were not required.
9:42 PM - report of approximately 20 people in the street infront of an establishment on the 200 block of Central Avenue N. yelling at vehicles as they drive by. Officers attended the location & the crowd dispersed.
12:56 PM - report of a residential alarm on the 500 block of Aspen Drive. The alarm was cancelled prior to officers attending.
5: 18 PM - 911 call of a tall male wearing a beige touque walking in the eastbound lane of #1 Highway. Officers attended the location but could not locate anyone walking on the highway.
7: 18 PM - report of 4 abandoned bicycles at a location on Bell Street E.
9:03 PM - 911 call of two large moose on the North Service Road W. heading towards the #1 Highway. Officers made patrols but could not locate the animals. The original caller updated to police that they had crossed the highway & had continued south.
9: 16 PM -911 call saying there is an alarm going off at his n~ighbours residence on the 300 block of Cypress Drive for the past 25 minutes. He has tried the doors but no one is answering. Officers attended & located the home owner in his
vehicle in the garage trying to get his vehicle alarm to shut off.
10: 32 PM - report of what was described as a loud bang outside on the O block of Hayes Drive. Officers attended the location & could not locate any fireworks in the area. Officers patrolled the area & could not locate anything suspicious.
11 :40 PM - report of a commercial alarm on the 300 block of North Service Road W. Officers attended & determined the alarm to be false, everything was secure.

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