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Swift Current's Horticultural society provides various benefits for gardeners

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A variety of plants were on sale at the Swift Current Horticultural Society's annual spring plant sale at the Swift Current Mall, May 26. A variety of plants were on sale at the Swift Current Horticultural Society's annual spring plant sale at the Swift Current Mall, May 26.

If you want to learn more about gardening or if you enjoy gardening and want to hang out with others who share your interest, then the Swift Current Horticultural Society would like to hear from you.

The organization is looking for new members who want to become involved with their activities.
Anne Whitlock, the secretary of the Swift Current Horticultural Society, said there are currently 13 members in the organization.
“Our membership is gradually decreasing due to health reasons or health reasons in the family, that kind of thing,” she mentioned. “So we are in the market for more members. It's a fantastic way to pick the brains of people that have been doing yard work and growing perennials and annuals and gardening in Swift Current and area for any number of years.”
The members of the society are enthusiastic gardeners who get together to share their ideas and successes while also learning from their gardening failures.
“I think some of our members have probably been doing this for up to 50 years,” she said. “So we've got a really great base of knowledge to draw from. They've learned how to deal with too much rain, not enough rain, what grows well in the shade, what grows well in the sun. I find it really very educational. I've learned a lot too.”
There is always something new to learn in gardening and members will share information about new trends.
“There's new plants being developed, there's new ways of doing things,” she said. “Now with the efforts on keeping things green, we're starting to get away from some of the herbicides and insecticides and stuff that we've used in the past and we've gone to much simpler things.”
Members will share practical recipes for things that will work well in gardens, for example a recipe for soap insecticide that one can make in your own kitchen.
“A lot of us are starting to grow milkweed for the monarch butterfly larvae, because they are deteriorating and of course the bee population is going down as well unfortunately,” she said.
Gardening practices can make an important difference to various species throughout the year and society members are aware of this.
“We deal with this every day, both summer and winter, because we know what plants will put on a display in the winter time and will supply bird food as well,” she said.
In addition to spending a lot of time in their own gardens, society members have different activities during the year.
They have a plant sale every spring. The most recent one took place at the Swift Current Mall on May 26 and preparations for that sale started some time ago.
“Some of us have started some of the annuals in our homes,” she said. “We've been waiting for the weather to warm up so the perennials outside will start popping up.”
The annual plant sale is an important fundraiser for the group, because they do not have any other source of funding apart from membership fees.
Every year society members also prepare an exhibition of plants for Frontier Days. The display is set up in the H-Hut at Kinetic Exhibition Park for the duration of the fair.
“All of the plants that are displayed there are locally grown,” she said. “They come out of our gardens. ... Last year we've had a tremendous display because the timing was right with the weather and everything. The year before that we wondered if we're going to have anything for the display at the fair, because the weather have been cold and wet and miserable and things weren't blossoming when we wanted them to.”
Society members have a monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at the Bright Beginnings Family Centre. They will often have a guest speaker who is knowledgeable about plants. Every July the group organizes a potluck supper that will take place outside, weather permitting, and they will have a Christmas supper with a Chinese gift exchange.
“We do try and do a garden tour every year, not necessarily our own gardens,” she said. “We have members who know who has a really good garden in town and we'll get permission to do a garden tour there. So we'll do maybe five or six yards in the course of an evening.”
For more information about the Swift Current Horticultural Society, contact Anne Whitlock at 306-773-2462 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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