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More residential lots to become available in Swift Current subdivision

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More residential lots will become available in the Saskatchewan Valley residential subdivision after the completion of grading and deep utilities work.

The contracts for this work were approved at a regular council meeting, May 22.
The subdivision is located in the city’s northeast corner behind the Cypress Regional Hospital.
This work will be done as part of the third phase of the subdivision. It will result in the provision of 12 single unit and 14 multi-unit residential lots for development.
Mitch Minken, the City’s general manager of infrastructure and operations, expects these lots to be available for sale at the end of the current construction season.
“Development takes a long time,” he said. “To get these lots done is going to take just about a full construction season. We try to keep a little bit of movement going so that we don’t get caught without any inventory of any kind. This is just a good opportunity to add a few more lots to our inventory. Likely the larger ones will sell very quickly. So we’ll be getting our return on our investment pretty quick.”
There has been a steady demand for lots in the Saskatchewan Valley residential subdivision over the years.
“We’ve had years where we’ve had really good demand and the last couple of years have been a little slower, but if you take a drive up there, it’s constantly evolving,” he said. “There’s new housing going up there steady. Obviously, people like the area because it’s close to the schools and the hospital. North Ridge Developments is going ahead with some more of their development in the private area just further towards the east end of that development. So it’s just a nice steady pace of development.”
The City received three bids for the grading contract and it was awarded to the lowest bidder, Procyk Bros. Transport Inc. of Montmartre, at a cost of $132,961.10 (PST included, GST excluded).
There were three bids for the deep utility work. The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, Ed’s Contracting of Raymore, at a cost of $322,048.14 (PST included, GST excluded).
These two contracts involve the grading and servicing of lots on block 22 and the south portion of block 23 as well as the extensions of Ridgedale Street and Douglas Drive to the subdivision’s western boundary.
The total capital budget for the Saskatchewan Valley residential development project during 2018 is over $1.4 million.
The paving and concrete work for the road extensions in the subdivision will be done by Mobile Paving as part of the 2018 road program contract.

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