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The Centre’s VR Room is a virtual reality experience: Grand opening Jan. 26

Written by  Andrea Carol
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The Centre’s VR Room is a virtual reality experience: Grand opening Jan. 26 Contributed

You can now discover incredible experiences and vibrant 3D graphics in a vast, virtual world at the Centre downtown Swift Current.

The latest addition to the Centre is a virtual reality room that has local teenagers buzzing with anticipation for the room to officially open.
A Virtual Reality (VR) room is a self-contained area that delivers a multimedia virtual reality experience. It allows the user to move around freely to replicate a real-world experience. It brings gaming up to the next level.
The goal of the Swift Current Community Youth Initiative at the Centre is to provide an environment and build relationships with youth that would see them finding the help that they need in a safe and fun environment. They are driven by a passion to address the needs of youth today and strive to make youth related resources, programs and counselling readily available and easily accessible. The new VR room will give youth more incentive to hang out at the Centre.
“We decided to do something a little different. We had the idea to build a VR room and some of the equipment is pretty pricey,” explained Kenton Unrah, Program Director at the Centre. “We received a very generous anonymous donation that basically paid for all of our hardware for the VR system which opened it up for us to make a really cool room and build a new thing that kids may not get to experience anywhere else.
“We will be able to provide it for free for those kids instead of them having to go to Regina to play in a VR Arcade and pay for it. The whole room lights up and it’s a very cool atmosphere. We had a lot of help from Dave Falk from Joe’s Place. We contacted him and he gave us a ton of information from what they did over in their room.”
As VR rooms are becoming more mainstream, the Centre is eager to open the room to the community. Jan. 26 is slated to be the official grand opening of the VR room. The Centre has yet to decide what to call the room, but is running a naming contest on social media.
“We have some names in the mix but we haven’t made a decision yet. We have an online contest on Facebook. If kids from Grades six to twelve would like to enter the contest, they can win an afternoon of gaming with their friends,” said Unrah. “We have games where you are on a roller coaster and it literally feels like you are on a roller coaster. It’s so much fun. We have games where you are fighting off a robot invasion and you have to defend yourself.”
The Centre has programs running Monday thru Thursday providing everything from music lessons to free hot meals to young people in the community. It’s also open Friday and Saturday evenings. Currently, the Centre averages 150-270 kids per week.  The Centre is always looking for volunteers. Those  interested in volunteering, please visit or call 306-773-3344.

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