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Friday, 22 December 2017 09:27

SWYES, Inc. meets with Social Services Minister before Christmas

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For the second time this year, Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter, Inc. has met with our Provincial Minister for Social Services, Paul Merriman, in order to discuss future funding opportunities for Dorie’s House.


While a commitment to ministerial funding has yet to be secured, SWYES, Inc. is cautiously optimistic as the province now assesses new programs for the 2018 budget.
“We are very grateful for Minister Merriman taking the time once again to meet with us,” says Shaun Hanna, interim President of SWYES, Inc., “Our hope is that we have moved the needle by demonstrating how we fit into the larger picture of the Ministry’s existing programs.”
Dorie’s House ended its 10-month long pilot project in October, a project whose purpose it was to expose the extent to which youth homelessness pervades the Southwest.
“The residence of the Southwest know that this problem exists. We’ve known it for 40 years or more. But, rather than turning a blind-eye, our community has stepped up in overwhelming ways to solve this problem. It’s kind of what we do in this part of the world: we put our head down and ‘get ‘er done.’” says Hanna.
Shaun Hanna says, in spite of the closure, donations continue to pour in.
“It really speaks volumes about the generosity of the Southwest, and about the commitment to what we all believe is a very compelling project. Our board is forever indebted to this generosity”
“Our hope is that, once we secure provincial funding, that we can look to the private sector for targeted partnerships in order to, not just put a roof over kids’ heads, but ensure that they get connected with the services they need to become successful adults.”
For more information about how you can help support to Dorie’s House, contact Shaun Hanna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Dorie’s House website at

If you believe a child may be neglected or abused, you have a legal responsibility to immediately report your concerns. In southern Saskatchewan, you can call Social Services at 1-844-787-3760, or local RCMP. Families with children and youth in need of support can also reach out to the Ministry of Social Services anytime.

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