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Missing dog returns home to Swift Current family after 85 days — sent straight to the tub

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A Swift Current family is overjoyed to have their beloved dog Charlie back home after he was missing for almost three months.

Scott and Kandice Moss have been looking for Charlie, an eight-year-old brown labrador-heeler mix, since Aug. 21. They were ecstatic when they heard a noise outside their home on Nov. 13 and found Charlie on the doorstep.
Scott said it was a surreal moment when they opened the door and saw their missing dog.
“It kind of blew our mind a little bit, because we’ve been looking for so long and he ended up coming back home into the front yard,” he mentioned. “Unfortunately we couldn’t even get much of a video or anything when he came in the door, because he hit us so hard when he came in. He was so excited, and then we instantly felt fleas. So the happy reunion was there, but he had to hit the tub real quick.”
He took a photo of Charlie sitting in the bath tub after he received a good wash to clean off the dirt and grime from living rough for almost three months.
“He’s doing good now, as good as he can,” Scott said three days later. “He’s still a little bruised up. He has some bumps and bruises on his leg and a little bit on his face, but otherwise he’s pretty good. A little thin, but happy and energetic. He’s running up and down the stairs. He’s like a puppy again, kind of crazy. He’s a happy dog to be home, I can tell you that.”
The family's ordeal started when their two dogs, Charlie and Tak, escaped from the back yard on Aug. 21. The search for their pets started as soon as they discovered their disappearance that evening. Unfortunately Tak was hit by a vehicle on the Lac Pelletier grid road south of the city and they found his body the following morning.
Charlie and Tak were from the same litter. They were very close and always stayed together wherever they went.
“They never left each other’s side in all the years we’ve had them,” he said. “Even when they walked, they walked in unison. They were very, very close dogs. They slept together, they ate together, everything. Even when they went up the stairs, they went beside each other in a pattern. It was cute, the way they acted with each other.”
Scott believes the death of Tak was a traumatic experience for Charlie. It left him scared and lost, and he fled into the landscape.
“I can’t even imagine what he went through, because they never spent one night away from each other,” he said. “They’ve been together since birth, and Charlie’s got some anxiety issues as it is, and we knew what it was like if he couldn’t see his brother for a second, because they were attached at the hip – it's the best way to put it.”
There were numerous sightings of Charlie since he went missing, but nobody was able to get close to him. He would run away as soon as someone tried to approach him.
“We knew he was south of town in a valley,” Scott said. “We had about four or five different farmers out in that south country that kept calling us every time that they would see him. Then we would go out in that area and we looked, but they said that every time he would run and I believe that’s from seeing his brother get hit by a vehicle and any time he’s seeing anybody he seemed to get out of there right away.”
He appreciates the help of everyone who were looking for Charlie, especially the farmers in the area south of the city.
“The farmers were our eyes and ears,” he said. “It was amazing, because they even put out food and they called us and they let us literally go in and out of their land and their yards constantly. So it’s something we very much appreciate. The people had been awesome south of town. Any time there was a sighting we drove through the valleys, we drove through their land, any opportunity we could we went out looking for him.”
There were also some sightings of Charlie closer to and in the city, and Scott believes their dog was trying to find his way back home.
“We didn’t know for sure it was him, but we kept hearing that people kept spotting him in and around our area,” he said. “Suddenly he started getting closer to our house, and then that’s where it lead up to us finding him.”
Scott spent a lot of nights out in the field with a night vision spotting scope to look for Charlie, and he is relieved that their life can now return back to normal.
“He was spotted more when the sun was going down” he recalled. “So I sat in the back of my truck and that’s how I spent my nights, just looking for him. So it’s nice to be at home and enjoy the family and have everybody together, well for the most part everybody together again.”
In September the family decided to get a new puppy, because the house felt empty without a dog. Charlie is getting along well with the new puppy and they are already bonding.
“Charlie before never spent a day alone, so it ended up that they were sleeping beside each other,” Scott said. “Charlie’s always been a big fan of other dogs, so it didn’t shock us too much. In this way they can rely on each other again and get our pup used to Charlie, because he’s got pretty good manners and so we want the pup to learn off Charlie too. It’s working out really good, better than we could imagine, that’s for sure.”

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