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Chambers named top golf teacher in Sask.

Written by  Andrea Carol
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Small beginnings have led to great achievements for Swift Current Elmwood golf pro Jeff Chambers.  He has accomplished a lot in his career.

This year, Chambers brought home the PGA award for 2017 Teacher of the Year this past week. Chambers, a highly gifted teacher and tireless junior golf promoter, has worked very hard developing junior golf in the province.
All that work paid off with this prestigious and highly recognized award. The plaque was presented to Chambers by John Greenough, President of PGA Saskatchewan.
“This year I was up for both awards again, Junior Promoter of the Year and Teacher of the Year. We have some fantastic people in the province doing some amazing things with junior golf. I was glad to see Marty Wheaton win it (Junior Promoter of the Year) from Lloydminster who is doing exceptional work. It was just great to see him get that because it was so well deserved,” Chambers said. “So, when it came time for the Teacher of the Year and they announced my name, instantly the nerves went through my body. I can’t even explain the feeling I got. That was a major award for me because I put a lot of time and work into my teaching.”
Chambers, six-time winner of Junior Promoter of the Year Award, is passionate to grow golf in Saskatchewan. But what he really loves is coaching and he aims to concentrate on that in the coming years. Chambers’ state-of-the-art golf tracking system brings golf lessons to the next level with precision and ease for new and experienced golfers.
“I have the Foresight GC Quad. It is the best clubface and ball tracking system on the market. It also has golf simulator abilities,” Chambers explained. Lessons are offered year round and Chambers is sure to give your little one the best golf experience possible.
Chambers grew up in small town Bagot, Manitoba and started golfing when he was only ten years old.
“I was ten years old and my dad decided he was taking up golf. He bought himself a set of golf clubs. He was very athletic but he’d never golfed. There was no golf course close to us but we had a huge yard and it was 95 yards long. For a kid that’s a long way. So, my Dad decided he was going to learn how to golf. I always wanted to join him but there were no clubs my size. So, he cut his clubs down and got himself a new set. We went out and just played,” Chambers reminisced. “That’s what my dad and I did. That was our link. And we golfed until dark. I could hit a full shot from end to end and it was fantastic. That’s how I got my start.”
Chambers won his first tournament at age 12. His Dad gave him his first golf lesson as a graduation gift.
“I still remember my first golf lesson. He just said, ‘Man you’ve got something special here kid’. I know we tell a lot of kids that but that stuck with me because a Pro told me that,” Chambers recalled. “Here we are now and I’m able to be that person giving back and motivating kids. Motivating anybody actually, of all ages.”
Receiving many accolades from the Professional Golf Association and the local media over the years, Chambers office walls are lined with golden achievements.
Andrena Sawyer said, “Do not despise little beginnings. It'll all make sense as you're staring at an opportunity that you realize the difficult moments merely prepared you for.” Dream big like Chambers has done.

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