Sunday, 29 October 2017 04:44

Storm damages Swift Current woman’s home

Written by  Andrea Carol
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On Oct. 17, Swift Current and area was hit with powerful wind gusts reported up to 124 KM per hour.

A lengthy power outage occurred in multiple communities and reports of a forced power outage occurred to prevent the start of fire.
90-year old, Val Goodfellow of Swift Current woke up to more than just blown leaves, broken branches, dust and debris the morning of Oct. 18.
The evergreen tree from her front yard had uprooted from the ground and fallen onto her house. Blue haze from the smoke of the nearby fires in Burstall filled the air.
“At about a quarter to nine Tuesday night, I heard it go ‘crack’. The power was out so I couldn’t see what happened. I got up in the morning to have a look and I was shocked. I knew it had hit somewhere but I can’t even get out of my front door,” Goodfellow chuckled. “It was really loud. And I thought if the window broke and the wind coming in, what would I do, you know? And my neighbours were so good to me. They were out at the time and I couldn’t have phoned them anyway because the power was off”.
Goodfellow awaited crews to remove the fallen tree from her home and the assessment of damage by her insurance company. 
Having experienced peril from the storm, she remains positive and thankful.

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