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SaskAbilities announces new name and logo at Swift Current gathering

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Unveiling in Swift Current took place last week. Unveiling in Swift Current took place last week.

The Saskatchewan Abilities Council announced a significant rebranding to reflect the organization's focus on inclusion, equality and community.

The unveiling of the new name, SaskAbilities, a fresh logo and colours, as well as a revised vision and mission statement took place simultaneously at the organization's different branches around the province, Oct. 19.
SaskAbilities President Andy Livingston made the announcement during a live-streamed presentation from Regina. People gathered at the organization's Swift Current branch to watch the brand unveiling and afterwards they went outside for the formal unveiling of the new name and logo on the signboard.
“Over the past several months, the board began reflection on the vision and mission and what it means to provide service to people in the 21st century,” Livingston said during the announcement. “Once the organization only provided rehabilitation services to children. The council has become a provider of rehabilitation, employment, quality of life and recreational services to children and adults in seven communities around the province. The board also felt it was time to update the organization’s name to better capture the focus on abilities.”
After considering several choices for a new name, the board selected SaskAbilities as a more modern and streamlined version of the previous name that maintains a link with the organization's past
The letter A is at the centre of the new logo, and it is surrounded by three symbolic figures that represent an inclusive community.
“Our revitalized logo signifies our renewed vision and mission,” he said. “The letter A, visible within our logo, and the word Abilities, printed intentionally in bold, emphasizes our focus on abilities. At the heart of the work we do, are the individuals we support and the community that supports us.”
The new logo colours create a fresh and modern look and also have symbolic meaning that reflects the organization's goals.
“The colours of the new logo brings a sense of energy and vitality into our logo,” he said. “Charcoal grey stands for stability and trust, while the green represents renewal, growth and well-being.”
The organization new vision is “Working together to build inclusive communities for people of all abilities.” Livingston said the SaskAbilities board wanted to create a vision statement that will inspire staff and clients to create a world where people of all abilities can participate equally in their community.
The new mission statement declares that “SaskAbilities supports people experiencing disability with programs and services to enhance their lives.”
“As an individual with a disability, my dream is for a society that does not recognize disability but values abilities in each and everyone of us,” he said. “I believe the new mission statement will lead SaskAbilities to accomplish all that it can to realize this dream.”
According to SaskAbilities Regional Director Kimi Duzan, who works from the Swift Current branch, the organization is proud to be a part of every community where it it located.
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“We’ve been known well and wide as the Saskatchewan Abilities Council across the province, across many communities and serving thousands and thousands of people over the years,” she said after the announcement. “Based on that strength, on that history, we’ve done a rebrand, taking the past, taking the current and planning for the future.”
She believes the new vision and mission statements will help to create a greater awareness about the organization's focus on people's abilities.
“I think the messaging reflects modern day language, bringing us up to date,” she said. “Disability does not define who people are, ability defines who people are, and that’s a powerful message, That’s what we focus on hopefully in ourselves and in each other is what we can contribute and bring.”
Duzan noted that Swift Current area residents, businesses, volunteer and educational organizations have showed great support for the work done by SaskAbilities in the community.
“I think it’s part of our culture in Swift Current to be inclusive and to be welcoming and the business community reflects that,” she said. “We are celebrating Disability Employment Awareness Month and there’s many, many employers who are welcoming and inclusive, and see people with abilities that can serve well in the workforce and the community. Volunteer organizations welcome volunteers to be very much a part of the fabric of their organization, and neighbours and friends care for each other and we’re all people of all abilities.”

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