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Hindley seeking Sask. Party nomination in Swift Current

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Everett Hindley (at right) announced his  intention to seek the Saskatchewan Party's nomination for the Swift Current constituency at a campaign style event at a downtown Swift Current restaurant, Oct. 2. Everett Hindley (at right) announced his intention to seek the Saskatchewan Party's nomination for the Swift Current constituency at a campaign style event at a downtown Swift Current restaurant, Oct. 2.

Everett Hindley has been a staff member for Swift Current MLA and Premier Brad Wall for 18 years, but now the Swift Current resident is launching his own political career.

Hindley announced his intention to seek the Saskatchewan Party's nomination for an upcoming by-election in Swift Current during a campaign style event at a downtown restaurant, Oct. 2.
This by-election will be necessary as a result of Premier Wall's recent announcement that he will be retiring from politics in January.
“I’ve been obviously interested and involved in politics for a long time and we’re going through a bit of transition right now,” Hindley said after his announcement. “I just thought this would be the right time to step up and take a shot at the nomination here in Swift Current.”
He feels he will bring a lot of experience to the position and he has a lot of connections to the community
“I’ve been in politics for 18 years now, six or seven of those working at the MLA office,” he said. “You get a chance to meet with folks one on one as they come in with phone calls, enquiries, letters, e-mails about things that they might be concerned about with the provincial government or ideas that they might have too.”
During the past 10 years he has been working as Wall's executive assistant. His responsibilities in this role includes coordinating the premier's itinerary and participating in national conferences and international trade missions.
“That gives me a broader sense of what’s happening outside of Swift Current, outside of our borders and I think just having the ability to link those things together,” he said. “I have a lot of people, a lot of friends here today to attend this luncheon. I think that’s a pretty good indication of some of the folks that I know in town. I think that’s beneficial. You need to have that as an elected representative. I think you need to be well connected to the people that you serve.”
He grew up in the Melfort area, but he has been a Swift Current resident since 1996. He is married with two adult children. He is a graduate of the Western Academy Broadcast College in Saskatoon, and he worked as a morning news announcer and news director at radio stations in Swift Current before he became Wall's constituency assistant after the 1999 provincial election. Hindley has been campaigning for Wall in Swift Current during the 2003 provincial election and he has been directly involved with Wall's provincial leader tour during the 2007, 2011 and 2016 election campaigns.
“I think it’s a fine line between distinguishing yourself and building upon what the other person has done,” Hindley said. “I’ve had an opportunity to work with just some amazing people, not just Brad, but some of our other MLAs in caucus and as I mentioned today, folks with City Council and with the local school board and health region. I think I want to continue to work on that and bring a real local focus to things here to focus on what’s important for Swift Current and hopefully carry this community forward.”
He considers economic growth of the Swift Current area and of the province to be a priority issue and he believes there is still a lot of potential for growth in Swift Current.
“We’ve reached 18,000 people in terms of our population in Swift Current and why that’s important is because that increases the tax base obviously and that allows us to invest social programs, which leads into some of the other priorities for me,” he said. “I’ve had a chance in my job to work closely with a variety of CBO's in town, groups like Southwest Homes. We’ve seen some record investments in the programming, whether it’s residential services or day programming for the disabled, and part of having a growing economy allows you to do that.”
The future of Dorie's House, an emergency shelter for youth in Swift Current, has been an issue of discussion in the community in recent weeks. Hindley noted that the Social Services minister has been in Swift Current to visit Dorie's House and other community-based organizations.
“We would obviously want to talk to them to see what we can possibly do, but that being said, I think we need to be clear too though that at the end of the day there are limited dollars, and it’s not often a choice between good decisions and bad decisions,” he mentioned. “There are often a lot of good decisions that need to be made but it’s how do you make those decisions that is best for everybody and I think in the case of this particular group a lot of people have gotten behind the organization. They’ve worked hard for it, but they do need to work closely with the Ministry of Social Services on this to see what might be possible down the road.”
When he announced his political retirement, Wall noted that the change of leadership in the Saskatchewan Party will be an opportunity for renewal. Hindley believes a large part of that renewal will be a result of the recent decisions by long-time MLA's and cabinet ministers to step down, which means that new faces will be entering the political arena.
“I just think that’s an important part to have fresh faces, which can bring fresh ideas to the table,” he said. “That’s important I think for any political party and especially for any government, because you never want to become stale in this line of work and you can see what happens. The voters will vote you out if that’s the case, but I think renewal is key for any political party in terms of longevity.”

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