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Stark and Marsh initiative Go Green Friday is just golden

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City of Swift Current Parks Superintendent Bashar Sayyed (at right) gives some advice to volunteers on the planting of perennials at the flag court park during the 9th annual Go Green Friday, Sept. 15. City of Swift Current Parks Superintendent Bashar Sayyed (at right) gives some advice to volunteers on the planting of perennials at the flag court park during the 9th annual Go Green Friday, Sept. 15.

Volunteers helped to plant trees and shrubs at various locations around Swift Current in preparation for the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games during the 9th annual Go Green Friday, Sept. 15.

“We’re awfully thankful for the participation of the volunteers and our community sponsors on this one,” Stark & Marsh CEO Elden Moberg said. “We look forward to carrying on with this project for year number 10 next year and well into the future hopefully.”
Over 100 volunteers participated in the event, with shifts in the morning and afternoon at the different project sites around the city. They planted 73 trees, 145 shrubs and 500 perennials.
“Probably other years we’ve done more trees, but this year it’s more other types of greenery for different places in the city,” he said. “I know the City is really looking at this as an opportunity to prepare and gear up for the Western Canada Summer Games and to make sure that some of the areas are beautified around where those games will be held.”
The planting areas included the entrance area to Riverside Park near the tennis courts, the flag court park on Central Avenue North, a flower bed at Market Square, and planter beds at the former St Patrick school building and the Innovation Credit Union i-plex. Trees were planted at the softball diamonds and mulching took place along the Gladstone Street West tree buffer.
Volunteers helped with flower bed maintenance at the rose garden and fountain garden in Kiwanis Park, and at the Friends of the Walkway garden at Riverdene Park. Work also continued at the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards project site on the creek bank at Elmwood Park, where indigenous plants were planted to stabilize the shoreline and to create a riparian forest.
The Go Green event has made a significant contribution to beautify the community and volunteers have planted over 2,200 trees and shrubs since 2009.
Go Green Friday started when Stark & Marsh was looking for a project that will make a difference in the community. The company held talks with the City and a need was identified for a fall clean-up.
“I think it’s important for us because it’s important for the community,” Moberg said about the company's ongoing support for the event. “It’s one of those initiatives that you can be involved in that helps out in a significant way. For our people it’s important because they get to see the fruits of their labour down the road. A number of projects that we worked on through the years, you can see them, and they’re there and they look good. I think for that reason our people really like doing it and it’s awfully nice when you can give back.”
The event provides an opportunity for individual and corporate volunteers to help out with the beautification of open spaces around the city. Staff members from around 10 different organizations participated in this year's Go Green. He felt it is a clear sign of the commitment of these business owners to this initiative.
“They’re allowing their people to go out during the day to actually help on this project and so obviously the owners of those businesses, the people managing those businesses, feel that it’s an important initiative as well and that’s pretty exciting,” he said.
This was the second year Innovation Credit Union formally partnered with Stark & Marsh to host the event.
“The big thing with that is they contribute some dollars to this in addition to what we’re spending,” Moberg said. “That just enables the City to really ramp up the projects – the trees, plants, shrubs, the plantings the project’s involved in. I think their involvement has really helped contribute in that way to be bigger and better, and so thankful that they’re on board and that we’re able to work together on this.”

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