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Seats from old Mosaic Stadium find new home in Swift Current

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A part of the history of the old Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field lives on next to the sports field at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School (SCCHS).

The Chinook School Division acquired 292 seats from Taylor Field. Swift Current was one of seven communities in the province that received seats from the old Mosaic Stadium as part of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup Legacy Project.
The seats were installed on Sept. 9 on the west side of the all-weather track and football field. They were used for the first time during the Thursday Night Lights football game between the SCCHS Colts and the Moose Jaw Central Cyclones, Sept. 14.
Kyle McIntyre, the Chinook School Division’s acting director of education, and Colts coach Derek Murdoch spoke about the seats and other improvements at the sports field before the game.
“We’re very excited about it,” McIntyre mentioned. “It’s going to be a great legacy from Mosaic Stadium and from the Roughriders, and it’s going to be used widely by the community and by our school division and by our parents of our student athletes.”
Murdoch said it is great to have these seats as part of the other upgrades at the field. A new scoreboard replaces an outdated score clock that was used for about 25 years and there are also new gooseneck goalposts.
“The seats from the Riders from Mosaic Stadium are awesome,” he noted. “We got back from Weyburn on Saturday and they’ve been installed while we were gone. It was just about dark, but the guys were really excited when they saw them.”
The players had an opportunity to relax in the seats after a practice session, when the trees behind the seats provided some shade.
“It was nice because it was the one shaded spot we have out here,” he said. “It was pretty hot the other day and they were all chilling there. It just looks like a football stadium when you look at the seats.”
Colts quarterback Emmett Guider said the improvements at the field makes a difference to the players.
“I feel it just adds to the feeling,” he said. “It’s a lot more professional.”
He is impressed with the seats from the old Mosaic Stadium due to their connection with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
“It’s a pretty cool feeling that the Riders gave us these seats,” he said. “We feel kind of special to be able to have these now.”
The seats will be well used, because the school hosts various sport activities at the field, including track and field events and football.
“Routinely we probably get 300 or 400 parents at every football game,” McIntyre said. “They’re going to be sitting and enjoying their children’s athletic experience in comfort.”
The seats will be a benefit at this field when the City of Swift Current hosts the Western Canada Summer Games in August 2019.
“For the Western Canada Summer Games seating is a huge thing,” he said. “We are looking at hosting SHSAA provincial track in 2020, following the Western Canadian Summer Games. You have to have a certain number of seats for spectators and for the staging area. So really these are going to be something that are going to be well utilized and I think it’s going to help us with future bids in both high school sport in Saskatchewan and in community events.”
The Chinook School Division paid about $40 per seat to ship and install the seats at their new location, but McIntyre felt it was a worthwhile expense.
“We thought it would be a great investment, because it’s going to be a legacy,” he said. “It’s going to be used by a number of our high school teams and our community teams and of course it’s going to be used for the [Western Canada] Summer Games. So we thought it was a good investment and certainly a fraction of what it would have cost us if we were to have bought them brand new.”
The school division did not have funds available for the new scoreboard and goalposts, but Murdoch was able to secure corporate sponsors.
“Derek has worked tirelessly to get upgrades to the field and one of the first things he was really interested in was a clock,” McIntyre said. “The last few years you would be officiating a game and in the middle of the game the clock would go dead. It would burn out. Our maintenance department tried to fix it and we as a division didn’t have the resources to buy a new clock. So Derek decided upon himself that at his football banquet in the spring he would put it out there and see if there was any interest.”
There was a positive response to his request for corporate support. Crop Production Services provided the sponsorship for the new scoreboard and BASF sponsored the new goalposts.
Murdoch said the new scoreboard will not only make a difference during games, but it is also useful to time practice sessions and the gooseneck goalposts look much better.
“They’re safer with the one post and just make it look more like a real football field,” he said.

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