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Rustic Revival of sorts for young Swift Current welder

Written by  Andrea Carol
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A young welder from Swift Current has created a series of exclusive custom furnishings from what most would call “junk”.

Daylon Plewis, 21, is a local designer who’s welding designs are nothing short of brilliant. From “junk” to “treasure” —this young man is making his mark in the design world and creating custom made furnishings with modern designs from scrap metal and old machinery.
“I’ve been welding historical machinery for the last two years. I want to bring it back so it’s not forgotten. I’ve been collecting this metal for years and now I am doing something creative with it,” Plewis explained. 
Plewis was born and raised in Swift Current on the Plewis Farm. After graduating high school, the inventive youth took two years of welding at Great Plains College. He is halfway to achieving Journeyman Welder and is already catching the attention of furnishing collectors around the province. 
This innovative young man works with his father, Darwin Plewis during the summers and finds other work during the winters. But rest assured, if he isn’t working, he is welding and creating in his corner of the shop. Plewis is creative, a man of character and is truly gifted in design.
“I felt like God was telling me to step out and do something and now I am getting orders left, right and centre. I was afraid it wouldn’t work and that I would run out of old machinery. I wanted to salvage it while it’s still alive. I will make anything,” Plewis smiled eagerly.
Rustic Revival was birthed two years ago and has come into fruition in the last two weeks. Being a newlywed and short on funds, Plewis found an innovative and creative way to furnish his home by welding some, for lack of a better word, junk.
After creating a few brilliantly designed pieces for his wife, the word got out about his fantastic designs.
He literally turns junk into treasure as his custom designs are the talk of the town.
If you are looking to add a piece to your living room, this young designer is worth paying attention to. He has a host of creative ideas and will not disappoint any custom order he entertains. Rustic Revival is a serious must for home furnishings and even qualifies as a necessity. 
Swift Current certainly retains bragging rights when this young man is recognized on the nation’s stage.

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