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Job seekers can find help at job search resource centre in Swift Current

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Job seekers in the Swift Current area who need information on career and job opportunities or on training and education can use the community-hosted job search resource centre at Great Plains College.

Swift Current is one of six communities in the province where access to labour market services takes place through community-hosted job search resource centres.
Jan Kot, the executive director for labour market services in the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy said the centre in Swift Current has experienced steady use since it opened in August 2015.
“We get anywhere from 20 to 25 visits a month at that site,” she said. “So it’s not a hugely used service, but I believe that it’s a steady service and the feedback that we’ve got is that the location is excellent.”
There was previously a labour market services office in Swift Current, but in 2015 the provincial government decided to close that office after a review of the demand for service at that location. It was replaced with the community-hosted job search resource centre.
“What we’re trying to do is find the most efficient way to provide those kinds of services in Swift Current and it’s trying to match the supply with the demand,” she said. “That’s really the challenge and I think it’s good news that we have a steady stream of clients using that system.”
The nearest full-service labour market services centre is located in Moose Jaw. The main difference between a full-service centre and a community-hosted job search resource centre is that on-site career counsellors are available every day at the full-service location.
“In Swift Current it would be on an appointment basis, but what we’re finding is that the majority of our clients are wanting to access services online or over the telephone,” she said.
“Certainly many of our rural or northern clients as an example don’t have easy access to the major centres either and so we’re finding that being able to serve clients in a different way — online or by telephone — is actually more effective going forward and that’s really a more efficient way to provide the service.”
Kot feels the Great Plains College is a really good location for the community-hosted job search resource centre in Swift Current.
“They’re able to provide the computer access for job search, resume support and faxing and printing and copying and all of those kinds of things right on site and it’s integrated with the services that the college is already providing,” she said. “So that’s a good thing, because it helps folks that are unemployed. It gives them better access not only to job search, but also to training.”
The community-hosted job search resource centre at Great Plains College is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Users of the service have access to computers, a scanner, photocopier, fax and telephone.
“People that access services there will have access to computers and technology on the computers to help them develop resumes, access to SaskJobs and other job posting services so that they can apply online,” she said.
Other resources available at the centre includes training information, scholarship, bursaries and awards information, apprenticeship program information, and adult upgrading information.
Individuals can also book appointments with labour market services consultants, who can meet them at the centre for face-to-face appointments or otherwise their discussions can take place online or by telephone.
For general enquiries about the services provided at the community-hosted job search resource centre in Swift Current, call 306-694-3699, send a fax to 306-694-3423, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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