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Sesquicentennial time capsule will include advice to future residents

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Present residents of Swift Current have an opportunity to give some advice to future residents who will be living in the city in 2067.

The City of Swift Current is celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary with a sesquicentennial time capsule that will be opened July 1, 2067, when the country will be 200 years old.
Residents who want to participate in this initiative can complete a name card with a small piece of advice to people who will be residing in the city when the time capsule is opened 50 years from now.
These cards are available at City Hall or the Swift Current Museum, as well as every Saturday until the end of September at the museum tent on Market Square.
“They can pick up a card, take it with them, think about whatever advice they want to leave and then have it back to us at Sept. 29,” Swift Current Museum Curator Lloyd Begley said.
This sesquicentennial time capsule will be installed at the Centennial Square across the street from City Hall.
In addition to these cards of advice the time capsule will include the contents of two other time capsules. These time capsules were previously located at the old City Hall building and they are now in storage at the Swift Current Museum.
“When the old City Hall was demolished they were put in storage and so it’s going to be a combination of all three,” he said. “So it will be some items from the old time capsules and then the new items that are going to include us providing advice to people 50 years down the road and then it will all be opened in 2067.”
The cards of advice will be the only items from 2017 that will be included in the new time capsule.
“We are not asking people to bring items,” he said. “They just don’t last. They get wet and it’s difficult to keep these things from rotting. There are some conservation issues you got to deal with. Things got to be airtight and you need to include like silicone gel and other things that will help these things last the test of time. For example, one of the things we’re asking people to do when they do fill out the back of the card is to use a pencil, not to use a pen. The ink will deteriorate over time.”
The museum will ensure that these cards will be preserved properly inside the sesquicentennial time capsule.
“I’ve got my collections guy working on a plan for how we’re going help these things last 50 years,” Begley said. “These ones we are starting out with are ordinary cards, but we will have some cards made of a special kind of cloth that will last. They’re on order. We’re going to replace the old cards with the new ones. That’s why we’re asking people to take them home, to think about it, write their advice on the card. So when the new cards show up we will get them to transfer the information over.”
For more information about the sesquicentennial time capsule, contact the Swift Current Museum at 306-778-2775.

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