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Swift Current Christian Taekwondo offers training for youth

Written by  Andrea Carol
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Photo by Andrea Carol Photo by Andrea Carol Nine-year-old Josiah O’Keefe practices the art of taekwondo under the instruction of third-degree black belt Gary Voysey.

The dojang for Swift Current Christian Taekwondo was bursting with energy one recent afternoon as students hung on every word of third-degree black belt instructor, Gary Voysey.

Voysey and his wife, Carrie who is a second-degree black belt, founded the club in February 2012.
After almost six years of building the club and its reputation, Swift Current Christian Taekwondo is a training ground for many local people. The club is a chartered school of the United States Chung Do Kwan Association and a member of the provincial World Taekwondo Federation.
“We have been here in Swift Current going on six years in February and I’ve been doing martial arts for a long time. We have about 120 students right now. It’s all ages. The youngest just turned four and the oldest is 64. We’ve had every background come through our doors,” explains Voysey. “My wife assists me one night a week and I have other instructors as well.”
Voysey’s years of experience and hard work has earned him respect in the martial arts community. As the chief instructor at the school, he holds a third-degree black belt (2nd WTF, 3rd USCDKA) and is Kukkiwon certified to teach.
He is also an active board member of Martial Arts for Justice, a non-profit corporation designed to be an alliance of martial artists and school owners who choose to actively pursue justice, locally and globally.
He was humble in his response when asked what level he is at.
“I’m only a third-degree black belt. There are nine that you can possibly get,” he says.
The Christian Taekwondo concept came from British Columbia where the Voyseys lived.
“When we came to Swift Current, we wanted to keep that alive because we wanted to teach Taekwondo from a Christian perspective and not Eastern philosophy,” Voysey explains. “We want to share the gospel with people here in Swift Current.”
What is Taekwondo? The martial art of Taekwondo is a codified tradition of Korean combat practices and is one of the most systematic and scientific traditional martial arts. Taekwondo roots began almost 2300 years ago in Korea and it means “the way of the foot and fist.”
The Korean words “Tae” meaning foot, “Kwon” meaning fist and “Do” meaning way of, form the term Taekwondo. The term has only been around since about 1955. Years later, the discipline is an international art and sport practiced in more than 190 countries worldwide. (Source:
Beyond teaching fighting skills, The Voyseys teach a discipline that builds character, improves self-esteem and is an excellent form of exercise.
“We teach self-defense, anti-bullying strategies and leadership goals,” Voysey says.
Offering programs after school and in the evenings, youth and adults can learn in a safe, fun-filled environment. Their mission is, “Building stronger communities and people. We want to make an impact in the southwest while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
The classes are high-energy and fun for every age of student. Each student takes away strength, confidence and guidance from every class.

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