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Cadets celebrate successful year at annual ceremonial review

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Flight Corporal Matt Kerr of #605 Tarry Squadron salutes the reviewing officer, Swift Current Deputy Mayor Bruce Deg, during the march past. Flight Corporal Matt Kerr of #605 Tarry Squadron salutes the reviewing officer, Swift Current Deputy Mayor Bruce Deg, during the march past.

The annual ceremonial review of the three Swift Current cadet corps took place at the Fairview School gymnasium, June 10.

This year’s reviewing officer was Swift Current Deputy Mayor Bruce Deg, who took the general salute and inspected the No. 259 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Drylander, No. 605 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Tarry Squadron, and No. 128 Navy League Cadet Corps Prairie Schooner.
The inspection was followed by a march past and there was then a break in the official proceedings to give audience members an opportunity to look at the different presentations set up by the cadets to highlight some of their activities during the year.
This was followed by the presentation of awards and a ceremony for the official change of command at No. 605 Tarry Squadron.
The afternoon’s proceedings concluded with remarks by the reviewing officer and the general salute.
“It is my pleasure to commend you on your hard work, dedication and involvement in our community,” Deg said during his remarks to the cadets. “Not only do you have fun and adventure while gaining new friendships, you’re learning life skills and becoming active, responsible members of our community.”
He noted the commitment and passion of the cadets set a great example to their peers and he congratulated them on their accomplishments over the past year.
“It is a true volunteer spirit of your organizations that enrich not only your own lives, but the lives of so many members of our community, here in Swift Current and beyond,” he said.
The cadet program in Swift Current had more than 60 participants during the past year, with 18 sea cadets, 24 air cadets and 21 Navy League cadets.
Numerous awards were given to cadets during the event to recognize their achievements and efforts during the year in different categories, varying from marksmanship to attendance. A number of prestigious awards were presented to cadets from all three corps.
Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Candler of 128 Prairie Schooner and Petty Officer 1st Class Theo Lautsch of No. 259 Drylander received the Navy League of Canada Award of Excellence for exceptional leadership qualities and in recognition of exemplary personal dress, deportment, knowledge and skill in cadet training.
The Strathcona Foundation medals for outstanding performance and personal involvement in the community was presented to Petty Officer 1st Class Theo Lautsch of No. 259 Drylander and Flight Cpl. Shelby Odgers of No. 605 Tarry Squadron.
Capt. Paul Theriault, the training officer at No. 605 Tarry Squadron, was presented with a gold lapel pin and certificate of service in recognition of 36 years of service. He joined No. 605 Tarry Squadron in 2015 and he has served with various cadet units in Canada. He also served in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves and regular forces.
A notable occurrence at this ceremonial review was the change of command for No. 605 Tarry Squadron. Capt. Jason Tangen was the squadron's commanding officer for nine years. While he will still serve as an officer in the squadron, the duties of commanding officer will now be fulfilled by Capt. Jeff Kurtz.
Major Alan Cann from the Canadian Armed Forces Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest) was the presiding officer for the change of command.
“This is one of the oldest symbolic ceremonies that is in existence for any cadet unit,” he said.
During the ceremony each of the three officers signed a certificate whereby Capt. Tangen briefly turned over command of the squadron to Major Cann, who then transferred the command to Capt. Kurtz.
Major Cann expressed his gratitude to Capt. Tangen for his service as commanding officer during the past nine years.
“A lot of that time, he’s had very little help,” Major Cann said. “I think Capt. Tangen you have to be commended for keeping this squadron together in those years. Well done. I know that under the leadership of Capt. Kurtz, the cadets of No. 605 are going to continue to support Capt. Kurtz just as they have supported so well Capt. Tangen in his service.”

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