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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 09:01

The SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival is back

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The 13th Annual SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival will be on June 24-25. This year organizers will welcome back a number of celebrity kite flyers from years past, showcasing their creations and skills. Flying alongside them will be some brand new talent from across the globe.

The skies above Swift Current will fill with an incredible array of beautiful and colourful kites, with plenty of other activities for the whole family to enjoy!
A few of this year's kite flyers include:
Lawrence Roy Jr. is a Hoop Dancer from Saskatoon who will be joining Windscape again to perform a traditional hoop dance. With up to 30 rings Lawrence Roy Jr. demonstrates art and culture through movement and storytelling. There will be opportunities for children to meet with Lawrence and learn some traditional hoop displays.
Long time Windscape attendee, Tom White, is from Winnipeg and got into kite making (with an artistic flair) and traction flying around 2001. Tom specializes in soft (sparless) kites, four, two and one liners, kites for serious traction/exercise/speed and kites for fun. Tom flies all year round and likes how quick it is to set up (and pack up) a sparless kite in the winter months!  Single line lifters, long tails, 2 & 4 line sport kites round out the mix.
Tom is a member of the international development team of the NASA Parawing NPW9b. Tom designed the Tom-EEE! Human shaped drogue.
Steve Polansky was last at Windscape in 2014 and is very excited to return with his Revs and has new routines to wow our crowds.
He got his first Rev Kite in early January 1991 and was out in the snow on the same day in a snow suit, in a snow storm, trying to lay out 4 lines… he has been flying them ever since (just not usually in snow storms).
He found his talent in stacking Revs around 1998.
Joining Windscape for the first time this year will be the British Kite Team, The Decorators. The team formed in 1988 and were named The Deptford Decorators on account of the painters overalls that they adopted as a uniform in rokakku battles. Deptford, an area in London near the Blackheath flying site used for team “practice” was dropped from the team name very early on. The team are sometimes affectionately known as The Decs.
They excel at formal arena presentations, which usually involves some musical accompaniment and a degree of choreography determined by the caller of the moment. Informal presentations are also essential to the team. This is when they fly together during a festival, often inventing new manoeuvres as they go. .
After joining Windscape for the first time last year, Bill Brosious couldn't imagine not returning. As a very skilled quad and dual line kiter, it was not a question to have Bill join us again this year. We hope he will continue to return to Windscape as a veteran celebrity flyer.
Bill has been flying single line kites all his life. Started out with Eddy type kites that his dad taught him how to make using small branches from bushes, newspaper and flour and water paste. They used to fly them with tails made from old clothes torn into strips and tied together. Bill got into dual line sport kites in 1990 and has progressed from there.
Mooky the clown extrordnaire will be am extra edition to the kite festival
Mooky is one of the funniest ladies working on the international circuit today. She  has entranced over three million spectators worldwide in North America, Europe and Australia.
Mooky has been working professionally as a clown since the age of 15.
 Her illustrious background includes being the lead clown and inspiration for Cirque du Soleil’s best-selling production, Varekai and she has performed at such prestigious venues as London’s Royal Albert Hall, San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts and the Sydney Opera House.
Most recently Cornish was part of the cast in La Soiree, a cabaret/variety show at the South Bank Big Top in London, England. Mooky's performances will go Saturday, June 20  - 11 a.m.; Saturday, June 20 - 3 p.m. and Sunday, June 21 - 3 p.m.
Tickets are available onsite and are $5 each.

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