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Monday, 22 May 2017 03:43

Success for Vic-Tory boxers in Saskatoon

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Dustin Auseth (at left) and Matt Doerksen of the Vic-Tory Boxing Club. They won their matches at a boxing card in Saskatoon, May 6. Dustin Auseth (at left) and Matt Doerksen of the Vic-Tory Boxing Club. They won their matches at a boxing card in Saskatoon, May 6.

Two boxers from the Vic-Tory Boxing Club in Swift Current competed successfully in Saskatoon at a club card hosted by Luc’s Gym May 6.

Seventeen-year-old Matt Doerksen made his debut in the boxing ring in the 69-kilogram weight class. He won on points after three rounds against Preston Lachance of Saskatoon’s Top Dog Boxing Club.
Doerksen was happy to have the opportunity to have his first fight. He was initially scheduled to fight against another boxer.
“That card got scratched because he was too old for me to fight,” he said. “So then they found a replacement guy who’s around my weight and a couple of years older than me.”
Lachance already had seven fights under his belt, but that did not intimidate Doerksen.
“I was a little nervous, but it was pretty exciting,” he said. “I wanted to fight either way, it didn’t really matter. It was a lot of fun.”
He was happy with his performance and with his ability to keep on pressuring the more experienced fighter. Doerksen has long arms and he used it to his advantage during the fight.
“It was a tough fight,” he said. “It was a pretty good one all the way through. I don’t think either of us cleanly beat each other up too bad, but I pressured him for most of the fight.”
He lives north of Herbert and is in Grade 12 at Herbert School. He joined the Vic-Tory Boxing Club in September and he comes to Swift Current at least three times per week for training. During preparation for a fight he will be at the club every day.
“It seemed like a fun thing to do,” he said about joining the club. “I’m glad I did. It’s a lot of fun.”
Super heavyweight boxer Dustin Auseth had his third fight of his amateur career against Evan Sproxton of the Top Dog Boxing Club.
“It was fairly even during the first round,” Auseth recalled. “We were both fairly nervous for the fight, so it started off a little bit slow, and after a couple of punches we both warmed up and had a really good first round. After that round, 10 seconds into the second round, I ended the fight with a technical knockout with a left hook to the jaw.”
It was Sproxton’s first fight and he was naturally nervous. Auseth’s memories of his previous fight made him cautious.
“I was nervous I think because I was coming off a loss from my last match, and I think my mind had a lot of writing on it,” he laughed. “So I was a little more nervous than normal, but it turned out good.”
He has been a member of the Vic-Tory Boxing Club for about five years, but it is not always easy to have opponents in the super heavyweight class, which is for boxers over 91 kilograms.
“There’s only about five of us in the province,” he said. “To find more you could go outside the province, but we haven’t tried that yet. Usually for every two or three fights you plan, you might get one of them.”
He is a long-time boxing fan and he joined the club because he prefers the individual challenge of the sport.
“I’m not a big fan of team sports,” he said. “I like to do more individual stuff and this just seemed like a good fit for me.”
He enjoys the atmosphere at the Vic-Tory Boxing Club, which is located at the Swift Current Friendship Centre.
“Everybody gets along, nobody is out to prove anything to each other,” he said. “It’s a good place for kids. I bring both my kids here whenever I can. So there’s a good family atmosphere too.”
Vic-Tory Boxing Club Coach Nick Habscheid, who is also still an active boxer, was impressed with the performance of the two boxers in Saskatoon.
“It was an excellent weekend for the club,” he said. “Dustin Auseth ... got his first TKO of his amateur career, making the guy fumble back in the second round. It was really awesome, and then Matt has been itching to fight for so long. He just came here and he just takes every idea I threw at him and just perfects it almost right when I’m teaching it.”
Habscheid made his return to the boxing ring in February after an absence of almost two years and he won his bout in the heavyweight division.
The club is active with between 30 and 40 people who attend regularly for fitness training and a good workout. There are currently four to six boxers who are preparing for fights.
The club is looking forward to hosting a boxing card in Swift Current on Sept. 23. They are planning to have the event outdoor at Mitchell Field, but details for the venue still have to be worked out.
“We want to try and make it a big event,” he said. “So that’s another reason why we’re being more active right now, because we’re getting the word out to other clubs that our event is happening and if we support their events, then hopefully they’ll come to ours.”

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