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Cat population explosion looms in Saskatchewan

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Spring showers, red robins and unwanted litters of kittens being taken to animal shelters are all tell-tale signs of the arrival of spring.

Spaying and neutering is the only humane solution to address the pet homelessness crisis, which impacts every animal shelter in the province of Saskatchewan.
The Swift Current SPCA spays and neuters all pets it adopts out in order to begin to address the overpopulation issue, but the owners of cats have a responsibility to ensure their pets are not contributing to the problem.
The  SPCA is a local volunteer-directed registered charity which serves approximately 250 to 300 domestic pets (cats and dogs) annually, operating 24/7 — 365 day a year, no-kill shelter services.
In an average year, the Swift Current SPCA will receive around 200 cats and kittens, and often there is a waitlist to enter the shelter due to the shelter’s size and capacity limitations.
As the SPCA prepares for the peak season for incoming cats, they are reaching out to the community to become a part of the solution to pet homelessness instead of part of the problem by following these simple steps:
• If you see a stray pet, assume it has an owner. The Swift Current SPCA maintains lost and found information and local on-line Facebook forums exist to connect lost pets with owners. If attempts to find an owner are unsuccessful, contact the SPCA about bringing in the lost pet.
• Contact the SPCA at 306-773-1806 for information on how to bring stray cats to safety.
• Identify your own pets. A licence, microchip or ID tag is a lost pet’s ticket home. The SPCA offers public Microchip Clinics and appointments at the Shelter providing this valuable identifier for only $30. The next public microchip clinic will be held May 13 at Pet Valu, Swift Current from 1-4 p.m.
• Spay or neuter pets you are caring for inside, or outside, of your home. Well-meaning community members feeding unsterilized community cats create a healthy breeding environment resulting in hundreds of unwanted kittens who face starvation, injury or death and contribute to the thousands of animals in need filling community shelters and rescues. Contact your veterinarian to arrange for spay/neuter.
Only through working together as a community will the pet population, particularly cats, be brought under control and unnecessary pain and suffering of companion animals be eradicated.
The Swift Current SPCA provides shelter, food, medical care, mandatory spay/neuter and socialization and adoption services for shelter pets, as well as microchipping for shelter and public pets.
It also provides pound care and fee collection services for pets impounded by City of Swift Current Animal Control.
The SPCA has operated community-funded animal shelter services in Swift Current since 1973.

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