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City makes a decision on bids for Credit Union i-plex ice floor slab replacement

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The City of Swift Current has awarded the tender for the replacement of the main arena ice floor slab in the Innovation Credit Union i-plex to a Regina company.

Councillors approved the tender to PCL Construction Management Inc. at a special council meeting, March 20.
Council pre-approved $2.5 million from the 2017 capital budget for ice floor slab replacement at a meeting in November.
PCL Construction Management submitted the lowest bid of $1,624,000. The cost of other bids varied from $1,656,835 to $2,152,298.
City General Manager for Community Services Dean Robson believes the total cost of this project will remain within the amount previously approved by council.
“There is room underneath the $2.5 million, but keep in mind there’s also some engineering and other costs that will creep in,” he said after the meeting. “I'm still pretty confident we’ll be well under the $2.5 million actually.”
The City received bid submissions from six companies and PCL Construction Management’s bid received the highest score. The submissions were evaluated according to various criteria, including project compensation, corporate experience, quality control, project understanding and proposed work plan.
There are no provincial or federal grants available to assist the City to fund the project and the entire cost of the project will be carried by the City.
“We do not have any retro or construction type grants for replacement of or renovations, however you want to look at it, for existing community facilities,” he said. “So we’re going through the budget.”
The construction project will start immediately after the current ice skating season has ended and the bid documents indicated the work will be done by mid September. None of the bid companies raised any concerns over the project schedule and Robson is therefore confident the ice floor slab replacement will be completed on time.
This contract will not include penalties for late completion of the project, as was the case in the contract for the 2nd Avenue overpass rehabilitation project.
“It probably differs quite a bit from the bridge, as we have one bridge and three ice skating surfaces,” he said. “So it’s not like we’re totally left alone. Penalties normally, if you put them into contracts, raise the price of the contract. ... There’s none in this project and we’re expecting not to need it. It keeps the price down.”
It will take some time for the new concrete slab to cure before the ice-making process can start again, but he is expecting the regular skating activities at the iplex will resume by Oct. 1.
Various activities that take place at the iplex before October, such as the Swift Current Broncos training camp, will therefore have to be relocated to the Fairview Arena.
The Broncos home opener for the 2016-17 season was played on Sept. 23 and the upcoming season's first game at the iplex will therefore take place slightly later than usual.
This project is required due to heaving in the ice floor slab. A geo-technical analysis was completed in May 2015 and an ice slab specialist consultant was also used to do a study, which was completed in July 2016. As a result the consultant team recommended the replacement of the ice floor slab.
According to Robson the heaving of the ice floor slab has made the ice-making process more inefficient, but it has not changed the quality of the ice for hockey games.
“We’ve been known as probably having the best ice surface for decades and I don’t think that’s ever changed, even with us noticing inaccuracies or imperfections in the existing slab,” he said.
Some discolouration of the ice is visible due to leaking brine solution as a result of damage to pipes.
“We have pipes that is starting to bend or to crack a little bit with the movement of the slab and because of that we’ve taken a proactive scheduled approach to replace that floor on our time,” he said. “So right now I’d say our ice product is still the best in the WHL. I’ll put it against anybody’s and we expect that to continue with the new floor. If anything our refrigeration and electrical cost would be lessened because we’ll have a new floor.”

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