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Friday, 02 December 2016 04:22

ZAGGTIME helps opens minds and perhaps fill bank accounts

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George Tsougrianis is a well-known name in southwest Saskatchewan with his Southwest TV News and My Local TV work as well as being the CEO/operator of Overtime Communications.

He now has a new credit to his list, a feature documentary film called Getting Rich — No Experience Required. Tsougrianis is now in a new venture ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design which is a self-described 'global entrepreneur enterprise'. Tsougrianis is the communications master while co-founder Doug Howorko is the lifestyle design coach. The two were doing “personal development therapy” wanting to continuously and progressively improve and better themselves in their skill levels, entrepreneurial knowledge as well as piquing their creative streaks.
Tsougrianis has known Howorko for 15 years. In talking and collaborating with him, Tsougrianis broke through a bit of a creative funk just by the two exchanging some ideas.
“Two years ago we had this idea for (ZAGGTIME) and thought it speaks to both of us,” explains Tsougrianis.
“We started a website, did some blogging and found there’s an audience out there for (their ideas). A film is something we wanted to do for a long time.”
So the idea of figuring out the best way to become rich without having the benefit of inherited money or natural resources, the just under 30-minute film is based on a trip the two made to Las Vegas in September 2016 where an entrepreneurial conference was taking place. The two wanted to find out for themselves what it takes to get rich.
“It was 16-hour days for two days,” recalls Tsougrianis about the film and its focus on the rise of digital marketing. “We purposely overshot film (footage).”
The ZAGGTIMEduo had pre-planned to talk to one of the conference organizers Stewart Ross, but then a lot of the interviews they conducted were what Tsougrianis called “happy accidents.” They ran into a couple from Florida in a Starbucks and shot some great footage from that.
Tsougrianis says they learned technology will drastically affect the employment landscape. He says statistics derived from Thomas Frey (Google’s top-rated futurist) and an Oxford University publication indicates “that by 2030 the advancements in technology could displace up to two billion jobs and as a result people from all walks of life will require alternate methods of retraining.”
They are hoping to enter film festivals and will gauge people’s opinion on it.
According to the film there are “three secret principles to getting rich”:
“• The first principle is to harness your personal power by developing mindset skills. Belief determines what you will think, what you think determines how you will act, how you act will determine your life results. What you believe is what you will create;
• The second principle is to embrace the digital economy by developing online marketing skills: Learning must never stop … you must develop your own life curriculum that positions you as an expert in the growing digital economy.  By 2030, experts predict two billion jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence.  Those choosing to re-skill will have the greatest opportunity.
• The third principle is to be of service and add value to people’s lives … because it’s not about you.”
Tsougrianis said the bulk of the film production was ready in a month or so and his partner Carol Andrews as well as Overtime Communications producer Craig Chaplin contributed greatly to the end product. Doing this project plus the regular work, took some time juggling with his co-workers.
“It isn’t easy (to combine); there’s a flow to it, a rhythm to (producing a television story),” explains Tsougrianis. “I love telling stories and I really want to tell this story.”
In the meantime, Tsougrianis and his Andrews will continue with Southwest TV News.
“Carol and I are so grateful that people have been so supportive and back us up,” Tsougrianis explains. “(The media) struggles with going to the well too often with the negative stories, it’s low-hanging fruit. We want to do (more)stories that are more positive.”
To find out more about ZAGGTIME  visit

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