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Aqua Zumba thoroughly therapeutic for everyone involved

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Christine Ciona thoroughly enjoys teaching aqua Zumba. Christine Ciona thoroughly enjoys teaching aqua Zumba.

Aqua Zumba anyone? Well apparently, it is for a lot of women in Swift Current.

Starting July 5, during Wednesdays over the summer, aqua Zumba will be offered at the Fairview Pool through KIVA.  KIVA's Christine Ciona says that aqua Zumba fitness is popular because it's fun with the music, choreography and enjoyable atmosphere while all at the same time, getting active.
"I feel most free when I'm dancing and  that energy comes into my class and I want every single person who comes into my class and into the pool to leave even more radiant than when they arrived," says Ciona adding children who were in the pool just previously will hang around outside the fence and watch or dance. "In this aqua Zumba class, there's no judgment, you want to put on a bathing suit and you want to exercise, no judgment man. Everyone is equal, everyone is dancing around, making a splash, everyone is in the same boat. That's how great community is created, everyone is included and no one is judged and that's why everyone keeps coming back.
"The neighbors (across the street) will come out on their decks and sit and listen to the music and watch the amazing experience happening at the Fairview Pool."
Ciona says there's 180 countries and 15 million people around the world doing Zumba.
With the added feature of doing it in a pool Ciona says in Swift Current, it's women inspiring women.
The Zumba fitness philosophy is getting a total body workout with international choreography,
"You just add water and shake," she says.
There was no question on whether aqua Zumba classes were going to be held as it's popularity has grown to the point where half of the pool is needed to hold everyone and more lifeguards are required.
Fundamentals are the same but the music and choreography is different.
For Ciona, it's more than gratifying for her to teach the classes. She is very moved when describing those who have participated before of all shapes, fitness levels and exercise experience.
While Ciona hears the comments the aqua classes are enjoyable, it's those ones who were too shy to participate in exercise classes before are willing to get into the pool to get active.
"The moments that stand out to women who say 'Christine time this is the first fitness class I've been able to take. There's no way I'd take a land class, but in the water, my body is hidden, it's OK.'," she says.
"If this one way for women to know how beautiful they are and how amazing their bodies are, no matter what their shape or size than that for me is the medicine. Whether you come once or whether you come for the entire series, to be in a community of women all being vulnerable, all wearing their bathing suits all dealing with their own set of (issues) about their bodies and coming anyway and dancing anyway and laughing anyway and celebrating life anyway ... that's the medicine."
Participants are getting water resistance while using more muscle and getting more toning.
"Truly there's something quite special about aqua Zumba. To be a woman you've got some issues with your body, even if you're super fit and feeling good about yourself," Ciona explains. "We grow up in a culture that judges our bodies, we are told we're too fat too thin, not strong enough or we can be skinny there or fatter there. No matter how confident we are I would dare to say there's not one woman on the planet who hasn't looked in the mirror and judged herself or her body. What empowers me with aqua Zumba is that women of all shapes and sizes will put on their bathing suit and get into the water and dance. I think that's a vulnerable thing to put on a bathing suit and dance.
"And they love it, they smile and they laugh and they feel alive and feel pretty damn good about themselves."
Starting on July 5. First class is free. Six other classes, people can drop in and buy the entire series for $80. If you miss a classes, it's transferable to any land classes at the KIVA Studio.
She's very thankful to the Fairview Pool staff and City of Swift Current for helping out. She's also willing to go to rural communities to their pools to bring aqua Zumba there.
Call to register for the Swift Current classes or if you have any questions. CIona's number is 306-774-6478 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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