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Saturday, 11 June 2011 16:24

Leader Integrated Facility Planning Team welcomes new members

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Courtesy Cypress Health
Planning for the new proposed integrated health facility in Leader continued as the functional planning team wasted no time in welcoming its newest members following the selection of its architect and design consultants.

Leader Hospital's team members that participated in June 6 are shown here, inclusive of the architect and Lean consultant.
A team comprised of Leader's frontline health providers, patients, community members, and Cypress Health Region staff joined with Nancy McKinnon of ACI Architecture and Lean consultant David Chambers on June 6th to develop the integrated facility planning project charter.  Only five days earlier, the health region announced that ACI Architecture was the successful applicant to provide architectural planning and design services for the project's functional planning.
Chambers and McKinnon led the team through a day's worth of planning exercises that discussed the reasons for the project, the scope of the work that needs to be completed over the next four months, the project timelines.  At the end of the day, a project charter was developed and the team learned about the principles and concepts of a Lean approach to planning that will serve as the focus for the team's efforts.
Highlights of the Lean approach that the consultants presented:
 Need to focus on "value" which is defined by the customer/patient, with the wasted process steps removed to provide a better patient experience.

 Part of the journey is to search for perfection, including zero medical errors.

 Five Big Areas of Lean that will guide the planning efforts – focus on
collaboration, increase creativeness of participants, build networks of human commitments to the end goal, optimizing the whole versus the pieces, and to
tightly equate learning with action.

Health Services Manager Sherry Miller participated in the planning day and could not hide her enthusiasm. 

“It‟s an exciting time for the community of Leader and the surrounding areas,” stated Miller.  “Not only will we have a new facility with all health care services under one roof, we‟re embarking on a new and exciting way of delivering those services.”
Miller spoke about some of the new Lean approaches that will be used during the planning process.  “We learned by way of example what waste was and how some of our processes do not add value to our patients‟ health care experience,” added Miller. 
“Knowing how to develop appropriate performance measures to allow us to track our successes and provide meaningful care was very beneficial to the process that lies ahead.”
As a part of the architect‟s involvement in the planning process, McKinnon will be joining the Leader health team on the floors of the health facilities for several days in June. 
McKinnon, who has a variety of experiences as a registered nurse, will be talking with staff during their everyday routines to get a better understanding on the approaches currently used and how the building operations currently work.
The group developed a timeline for their future meetings:
 July 12 – examine the current flow of operations and document how patients currently seek care.

 July 19 – using the current state map, the team will develop options for optimizing or improving the methods patients use to access health services and try to identify the waste or processes that we currently do that do not provide value to patients.
 August 9 – based on these discussions, the consultants will present functional conceptual diagrams for the flow of patients in the new integrated facility.  Staff and community reps will review the alternatives presented and will provide feedback. There will be a special set of discussions scheduled during this meeting for interested community members to participate in these consultations.

 September 13 – final presentation of the team‟s planning efforts will be provided.  The presentation will be offered during the public portion of the Cypress Regional Health Authority‟s regular monthly meeting which will be held in Leader.
More information about the opportunities for community member involvement in the planning process will be announced as it comes available.

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