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Thursday, 02 June 2011 14:07

Cypress Health Region hires architect for Leader's new integrated facility

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The Cypress Health Region is pleased to announce that ACI Architecture Inc. has been chosen as the successful applicant to co-ordinate and complete the functional planning processes for the proposed Leader Integrated Health capital project.

ACI Architecture, based out of Edmonton, Alta., was chosen from among many applicants to join the project planning team.

ACI’s principal program planner for the Leader Integrated Project, Nancy McKinnon, is an architect with a vast health-care experience as a registered nurse. Her experiences in a variety of general duty and supervisory nursing roles, clinical supervision and clinical education have provided her with a vast knowledge of how facilities are run as well as the planning and programming required for new facilities. She has been involved in the planning of a variety of health facilities including long-term care facilities, small rural and northern hospitals, community health centres, breast screening centres and larger acute hospitals.

“Along with our community partners we are very anxious to move forward with the functional planning of the new integrated facility in Leader,” stated Brenda Schwan, executive director of human resources and the region’s capital project lead. “ACI Architecture shares our anxiety to get started as soon as possible and we will be taking the first steps with our new planning partners on June 6 when we will hold our first consultation meetings in Leader.”

Schwan added that the selection committee was impressed with ACI’s dedication to the planning process. “ACI will be providing their full-time attention to the Leader project over the next several months, which will allow us to meet our intended deadline for the functional plan completion by the end of September 2011.”

Cypress Health will also be contracting the services of a Lean consultant who will work with a variety of stakeholders, including staff, patients, physicians, community members and others, to develop an "optimized care delivery" building design. 

David Chambers has also been involved in a diverse range of health facility planning projects, where his consultations with care teams and others have contributed to the planning of buildings resulting in unnecessary patient and staff movement, smaller building blueprints, reduced capital and operating costs, and enhanced patient care.

Members of the planning team will be meeting in Leader on June 6 for an initial set of discussions to outline the foundation for the planning process that will occur over the next four months. These foundational issues will include determining the rationale for the project, objectives, anticipated outcomes, scope of the work to be completed, structure for project management, developing a timeline and schedule for the project and setting a schedule for future meetings.

The project requires functional planning for the construction and development of an addition to the current Western Senior Citizen Long Term Care facility in Leader, to integrate all health care services under one roof. The integrated facility will include long-term care, acute care, attached ambulance bays, inpatient and outpatient services, palliative care, respite care, diagnostic services, community health services, home care, primary health care physician/nurse practitioner services, and support services.

Provincial funding of $125,000 was announced by the Ministry of Health in late March for the completion of the project’s functional planning and consultations.

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