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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 08:12

HSAS goes back on strike

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About 60 specialized health care professionals from the Sunrise Health Region went on strike beginning at eight o’clock this morning, Health Sciences Association President, Cathy Dickson has announced.

“Strike action is only occurring because the Wall government and health care employers continue to refuse to send our contract dispute to independent, binding arbitration. Responsibility for this strike action sits squarely at the feet of the government and health care employers,” Dickson said.

“A variety of health care professionals will be off the job in Yorkton and Melville today including: addictions counsellors/therapists, assessor/co-ordinators, dietitians, emergency medical technicians, health educators, mental health therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physical therapists, psychologists, public health inspectors, respiratory therapists and social workers,” Dickson said.

The work sites affected by the strike action include:

Home Care Services, Yorkton 

North Valley Home Care, Melville 

Primary Health Care, Yorkton 

St. Peter’s Hospital, Melville 

Yorkton and District Nursing Home 

Yorkton Mental Health Centre 

Yorkton Regional Health Centre

“How long Health Sciences members in the Sunrise Health Region remain on strike, and where and when additional job action will be launched, will be announced by the union at a later time,” Dickson said.

“Yesterday, Health Sciences released the results of a province-wide public opinion poll, which confirm that 67 per cent of Saskatchewan residents favour independent, binding arbitration as the best way to settle the contract dispute between our specialized health care professions and health care employers. The public sees arbitration as a reasonable alternative to avoid further strike action, while breaking the deadlock at the bargaining table, which has now lasted more than two years,” Dickson said.

“The Wall government and health care employers need to stop making up excuses to avoid independent, binding arbitration and get on with the job of solving this lengthy contract dispute,” Dickson concluded.

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