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Thursday, 02 June 2011 11:36

Flood measures officially completed for the City

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By John R. Statton — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The City has officially called an end to flood preparation measures in Swift Current.


“I’m really proud of the way the community reacted starting with staff from the City — they went beyond the call of duty with extra hours, and doing some tough manual labour to try and protect their fellow residents — then of course we had hundreds of volunteers come up, and we had businesses bringing food, allowing staff to go during the day, and continue to pay them,” said Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer.

“It was just a great moment of our community coming together, and it certainly made me feel proud to be from Swift Current.”

The City has spent approximately $170,000 in flood prevention efforts, and 50 per cent will be funded by the provincial government. The federal government has also pledged its support for communities affected by spring flooding.

“We’ll be happy to get any help that we can get, but it’s one of those times where we are glad it was an anti-climactic exercise,” said Schafer.


The City will continue to facilitate its emergency response team in the future.

“Looking back, I’m really impressed with the community coming together – and our team of course — working in co-operation with the watershed authority and the province we were able to avoid a peak event that would have seen significant flooding in our city,” added Susan Motkaluk, chief administrative officer for the City.

“We were able to avoid this by working together for about 10 weeks prior to seeing any significant volume flowing through the creek, and basically we were able to avoid a combined peak.”

Motkaluk credited the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority for its efforts with controlled releases from the Duncairn Dam, and the outpouring of community support.

“All in all, I was quite impressed, not only with the community, but of course with mother nature working with us as well,” said Motkaluk.

“We’re in the clear and I understand — through some satellite imaging — that the majority of the snow has now melted and we’re expecting that the flood is behind us.”

Permanent flood mitigation systems will be put in place. Motkaluk noted the provincial government has earmarked funding.

The City can apply for it.

“First, we need to undertake a study to identify really where these systems should be built, and where it would be the most value for the money, but this is going to take time,” she said.

“I think the whole province is looking at how we can improve as a province, and all sorts of communities are undertaking this type of a study.”


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