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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 09:40

Communities in the Cypress Hills area approved for Sask. flood funding

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Saskatchewan Environment

Four communities and three landowners in the Cypress Hills area were recently approved for assistance under the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program.

The towns of Burstall and Eastend, the villages of Frontier and Mendham and the landowners will share funding from the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority totalling just over $127,000. Eastend will construct a dyke, refurbish existing dyke, clear channels and sandbag some areas. The grants will allow landowners to construct dykes to protect yard sites and will assist Burstall and Frontier with channel clearing and pumping costs.

"I am pleased that government is able to assist these communities with their flood protection plans," Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Dustin Duncan said. "By working proactively we will reduce the risk of flood damage this spring."

"These proactive measures are good news for the families, businesses and communities in the Cypress Hills area," Cypress Hills MLA Wayne Elhard said. "Many people will be relieved to know that efforts are underway to help protect their homes and other property in the area from spring flooding."

The $22 million Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program provides technical and financial assistance to communities and individuals to protect homes and permanent structures against flood damage in 2011. Due to a wet fall and above-average snow accumulation, the risk of flooding during the spring runoff is higher than normal. Saskatchewan Watershed Authority provides 50 per cent of the estimated costs for temporary works, 75 per cent for permanent works and 85 per cent for farm yards.

Further details about the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program and the spring runoff forecast are available at Saskatchewan Watershed Authority regional offices or on the province's flood website at

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