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Monday, 11 April 2011 13:21

City calls on volunteers for flood protection

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The City of Swift Current started filling sandbags in anticipation of the need in low areas of the flood plain April 11. 

A large quantity of bags have been filled by public works, parks, and fire department employees. 

In addition to sandbagging, public works has been placing water dams and large sand totes in high risk areas in anticipation of water rising to affect people and property.  The City now needs volunteers to help place these sandbags.

Citizens who are able to work are asked to go to the Palliser Building at the Exhibition Grounds where they will be instructed in how the job is to be done and then transported to appropriate work sites.  Volunteers must be registered so we can control who is at each site and account for them during the operations. 

Volunteers are asked to wear appropriate dry footwear, long sleeve shirts or jackets and work gloves.

Fifty volunteers are required at the Palliser at 4:00 pm and another 50 volunteers will be required for relief at 7:00 pm. 

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