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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 16:16

Swift Current teenager reflects on Remembrance Day

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By Jessi Gowan — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fourteen year old writer Stephanie Waker doesn’t know anyone in the military, but the significance of Remembrance Day is not lost on her.

“It was such a great sacrifice for all of the veterans who went to war,” she explained.

“I wanted to put something in the newspaper, so that people would be more reminded of what they had to go through.”

Waker sat down and started thinking of rhymes, and finally finished her poem. The result is her opportunity to express her gratitude to our veterans, which she feels is something young people need to do more.

“I think young people would understand a lot more if there were more veterans still around,” Waker admitted. “It would be really great if we could have more assemblies where veterans could come and talk to us and share their experiences. We should mention them more, and respect them, because they have done so much to give us our freedom.”

Waker has written a number of poems, and keeps a diary to write in each day. She also enjoys writing fiction. As a home-schooled student, she tries to spend as much time as she can working on her writing when she isn’t busy with other schoolwork. Someday, Waker hopes to make writing her profession.

“I really like to write about what I feel, and I think it’s important to share it,” she added. “I wish more veterans would write about their experiences so that we could know more about what it was like for them.”

By: Stephanie Waker

The world doesn’t want war,
It cries out into the night.
Pleading with itself for no more,
Nobody begs, for they are too proud;
And no country want to look weak, and small.
So instead they stand up and fight.

Everyone wanted the war to end, to make every country their friend.
Some countries are, oh so poor,
They cry out for no more war.
But what do we do?
What would you have done unto you?

Some people, they hide in fright.
In fear their living breath won’t last the night.
Many were left alone to die,
And today that’s why many of us cry.

Many grieve their lost love,
But now they look down on us, from high above.
And the truth is; everyone wants peace,
Will you help it increase?

Now, you may have never held a gun,
Or had to surrender or run.
But you can make the wold a better place,
Just look in the mirror and accept every race.

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