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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 17:02

Chinook representative join provincial boards

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By Chris Jaster — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chinook School Division representatives continued to show how important they are in Saskatchewan this summer.

Both Liam Choo-Foo, Chinook’s director of education, and Rod Quintin, Chinook’s secretary-treasurer, received prestigious honours while school was out for the summer break.

Choo-Foo became the chairperson for the Directors of Education for the Province of Saskatchewan. Quintin was named one of three executives for the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan (MEPP).

Choo-Foo joked during the Chinook School Board meeting Aug. 22 that he got his title for talking so much during the directors of education meetings, but he actually spent a lot of time working with the former chairperson before he retired.

“I had done some work in supporting him over the last three years and the group felt there was some value in what I had done and they asked if I would take on the chair for all the directors in the province,” said Choo-Foo.

“It’s always nice when your peers recognize the work you’re doing and feel you are providing some level of leadership in your field. It feels quite rewarding.”

As an executive for MEPP, Quintin will be part of a group responsible for more than $1 billion in pension funds for school divisions’ support staff, municipal employees, firefighters and regional college employees. The organization also deals directly with the Ministry of Finance.

This gives Quintin the opportunity to network with people of high rank in government offices, but he didn’t take on the position for that reason.

“I’ve rubbed shoulders a little bit, but I’ve done that before,” he said. “It’s not really about that for me. It’s about trying to do what’s best for our people.”

Although both of these positions will force Quintin and Choo-Foo to spend a little time away from the Chinook School Division, Choo-Foo doesn’t believe it will affect their work. He also thinks they are too good of opportunities to pass up and that Chinook will benefit from them in the end.

“There’s value in us being able to understand some of the dynamics and workings going on within our sector that may not be available to us on a day-to-day basis and operating our own division,” he said. “These opportunities, when they come available, have been supported by the board and hopefully we’ll be able to bring something back that will benefit Chinook.”

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