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Justice: Swift Current Salvation Army Style.

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Recently the Federal Government has announced some new ‘law and order’ initiatives. The Correctional and Justice Services of The Salvation Army in Regina is having a grand re-opening at 10:30 on September 30th. With so much going on in the way of justice these days, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of what we are doing in Swift Current to provide justice for those in need in our community.

At our local Salvation Army we are actively involved in justice ministries.
We provide the Alternative Measures - Justice Services for all of South West Saskatchewan. We provide mediations between victims and offenders with a goal of reconciling people to our community. This programme has met with great success and, in my opinion, has greatly contributed to a drop in rates of recidivism. We have been providing this service for many years and have a number of mediators working under the supervision of Harvey Lomax to help victims and to reconcile both youth and adult offenders to the community.
We have been hosting the Free Legal Clinic since its arrival in the South West. Last year we among the busiest free legal clinics in the province helping those in need. The Swift Current Free Legal Clinic offers free legal advice in areas of Family Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law and its services are provided to those who do not qualify for legal aid but are unable to afford legal Council.  
We often appear with people in court. Court can be a scary place whether you are the accused, a victim, or a witness. We often have people in court who can provide comfort, support, help you understand the process, and say a prayer with you when it is so desired. We also have visited many people in the cells here either when they are awaiting trial or transfer to a correctional facility.
William Booth, The Salvation Army’s founder, said that he hopes that some day whenever people are released from prison that there would be Salvation Army personnel to meet them and help them reintegrate into society so that they don’t re-offend and immediately return to prison for committing some other crime.  Canada’s first Dominion Parole Officer was The Salvation Army's Brigadier Walter Archibald. Here in Swift Current we are actively working with people returning to the community who were sent to a correctional facility from here. We help them find food, lodging, employment and other much needed services in order to help them reintegrate into the community and avoid the temptations that often facilitate a return to prison. We are in the process of expanding this programme significantly so that we can help more youth and adults in the area and do our part to help keep our community safe.
Here in Swift Current, we at the Salvation Army our doing our best to provide safety, security and justice to those in need in our community and we couldn’t do it without your help.
For more information or to see how you can help, please fell free to give us a call at 778-0515

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