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Generous gift from Pembina Pipeline Corporation for Ambulance Bay at new Leader and District Integrated Healthcare Facility

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The new Leader and District Integrated Healthcare Facility has been under construction since the sod turning in December 2016 and is expected to be open in September this year.

The community of Leader and surrounding area have generously supported this project. With Pembina’s donation, things are that much closer to being done.
Bill Lee, local Manager from Pembina said, “I’m very proud to share that Pembina recently invested $100,000 in the Leader and District Integrated Care Facility in support of the ambulance bay, which will provide critical healthcare infrastructure for the community. On a personal level, knowing that our employees, friends and
neighbours in the area are taken care of and have access to quality healthcare, and knowing that we could help make that happen, is an incredible feeling. This also marks our largest investment in the Leader area, and I certainly believe it’s a worthy one”.
The $100,000 that Pembina has committed to the project will be used to cover the cost of the ambulance bay of the new facility, and in recognition the Pembina name will be proudly displayed on the outside of the ambulance bay as well as inside the facility.
Pam Busby of the Leader and District Trust Advisory Committee pointed out to the group that because of budget shortfalls , the originally planned attached Ambulance Bay had been scrapped from the project. The Trust Advisory Committee found this unacceptable and agreed to raise extra funds to pay for this important part of an integrated health care facility. Busby said, “Since our old facility was built in 1961, clients have been arriving and leaving by ambulance with no protection from the elements and without any privacy. Pembina’s contribution to this project is huge to the residents of and visitors to the six Rural Municipalities and seven Towns and Villages that I refer to as our Community. We are indeed thankful for an organization like Pembina that believes communities thrive when they have access to community support services.”
The Leader and District Trust Advisory Committee is made up of members that represent all the Towns, Villages and RMs in the area. The members have been working hard to raise the funds needed to equip the new Leader and District Healthcare Facility, provide the Ambulance Bay, and fund facility enhancements. We would like to thank Pembina for their generosity and community support. It makes our job just that much easier and pushes  us closer to our goals.
The Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation has worked alongside the Leader and District Trust Advisory Committee on this project. They administer the funds that the committee raises, contribute advice on fundraising and help with
advertising. The Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation also has the important role of administering the contracts needed
to finalize the agreements for large corporate donations.
The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation also wishes to thank Pembina for their generosity and
community support.

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