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Saskatchewan RCMP: GTH land procurement investigation outcome

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Saskatchewan RCMP, in consultation with Manitoba Prosecution Services, has determined that there is not evidence to support criminal charges in relation to land transactions associated with the Global Transportation Hub.


This outcome follows an extensive and wide-ranging investigation that examined transactions that took place between March, 2012 and April, 2014.
In order to protect the privacy and the reputations of those we investigate, the RCMP generally does not disclose the results of our investigations until and unless they result in charges. However, due to the high level of public interest and the volume of information already in the public realm via other sources, the RCMP is prepared to release the following information regarding this investigation.
Saskatchewan RCMP Federal Policing launched this investigation in February of 2016 in response to complaints that were brought forward. Investigators were supported by Federal Policing and Criminal Operations in Ottawa who assisted with this investigation.
Saskatchewan Public Prosecutions requested the investigation in its entirety be provided to Manitoba Prosecution Services for their opinion. Based on their review, it was recommended that no criminal charges be laid in relation to this matter.
This was a highly complex and multi-layered investigation spanning two years of financial transactions and land dealings involving multiple parties. Over forty people were interviewed in relation to this investigation with some of them being re-interviewed. Thousands of pages of documents were examined. All of the documents the RCMP examined were freely provided to investigators by the holding parties.
The investigative team consisted of as many as 10 members at times, as required. All of them are experienced in commercial crime and fraud-related investigations. We estimate the person-hours devoted to this investigation at approximately 7500 hours; or 1000 working days.
“As the investigating police agency, our responsibility was to determine if any criminal wrongdoing took place, setting aside perception and publicity and focussing on the evidence,” said Supt. Paul Saganski, Federal Criminal Operations Officer. “As such, the evidence did not support the laying of criminal charges. Therefore, the RCMP is no longer actively investigating this matter.”

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