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Sask. law enforcement issued 79 tickets to new drivers in June

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June’s province-wide Traffic Safety Spotlight saw law enforcement issue 79 tickets to new drivers and motorcyclists who weren’t following the requirements outlined on their licence*.

    •    46 tickets were issued for driving without a supervising driver
    •    25 tickets were issued for not following the restrictions or riding without the appropriate endorsement
    •    Five tickets were issued for driving a vehicle while under 16 without authorization
    •    Three tickets were issued for not displaying the appropriate ‘L’ (Learner) or ‘N’ (Novice) placard on their motorcycle
What do these results tell us? That new drivers should continue to study the rules of the road, know what their restrictions are, and get plenty of practice driving with a supervising driver. When it comes to developing good driving habits, practice makes permanent!
Remember: There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs for anyone (any age) in a Graduated Drivers Licensing program. New drivers and riders are also not allowed to use a cellphone while operating a vehicle, not even hands-free.
Supervising drivers, your role is an important one so make sure to take it seriously. Check out the Guide to Supervising New Drivers and brush up on the Driver's Handbook if you’d like a refresher of the rules of the road. We don’t want to age you, but a number of things may have changed since you got your licence.
Although the monthly focus was on new drivers and motorcyclists, police were still on the lookout for any drivers not following the rules of the road. The following tickets were also issued in June*:
    •    5,670 aggressive driving or speeding offences
    •    567 distracted driving offences (467 for cellphone use while driving)
    •    455 inappropriate or no seatbelt/child restraint offences
    •    375 impaired driving offences (including 319 Criminal Code charges)
Police continue to focus on safe driving in work zones this month. If you see orange, #SlowDown…or you can expect to pay up. Follow SGI on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for safety tips to #TakeCareOutThere.

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