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Giving Wildlife a Brake important in Sask.

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Giving Wildlife a Brake important in Sask. Photo contributed

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) wants to advise drivers to be aware of more deer and moose crossing the highways and roads at this time of year.

As last year’s fawns and calves are being abandoned by their mothers, many of these young animals are actively seeking out similar orphans and new habitats to call home. These young animals are not “road wise” and present significant danger to motorists due to their unpredictable behavior at the roadside. In fact, all wild animals, regardless of age, are highly unpredictable when it comes to vehicles and crossing roads.
According to SGI, over 14,000 vehicular collisions with wildlife were reported last year (not including birds).  The dollar value of these claims reached a staggering $76.9 million dollars! And that number could grow since people have up to two years to file a claim.
“Motorists need to be vigilant and take precautions by slowing down when seeing animals near the road as they may dart out in front of you at any time” says Darrell Crabbe, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. “Night time is especially risky as animals are much more mobile at night and are obviously harder to see.  In some cases, a vehicle’s headlights will illuminate their eyes providing a warning of their presence” he added.
A public awareness campaign titled “Give Wildlife a Brake” is being launched by the SWF to remind drivers of the potential danger of being in a vehicular collision with a large wild animal like a moose, elk or deer.  With financial support from SGI, the campaign consists of highway billboards, a strong social media presence and several public service announcements.
For more information on this campaign or other initiatives undertaken by the SWF contact the office at: (306) 692-8812
For information on collision statistics or tips from SGI on how to drive in areas where wildlife may be present, contact: Tyler McMurchy, SGI Manager of Public Relations at 306 751-1837.
Tips on safe driving with respect to wildlife are also available at: https://www.sgi.sk.ca/wildlife-collisions.

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