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Sask. Provincial Parks announce dates for camp reservation launches

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The Government of Saskatchewan is encouraging campers to start planning for the 2018 camping season.


On Monday, April 9, campers will be able to begin booking sites in their favourite provincial parks.
“Saskatchewan’s provincial parks offer outdoor fun and relaxation,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said.  “These provincial treasures contribute to the enviable quality of life we enjoy, while preserving that same gift for future generations.”
SaskParks has been testing and fine-tuning the online Saskatchewan provincial park registration system, getting it ready for the rush of 2018 bookings.  
As has been the process for several years now, campsite reservations will be staggered.  Starting Monday, April 9, registration launch will take place over 12 days.  
Go to www.saskparks.com to familiarize yourself with the process in advance of these dates.
Registration Opens
Provincial Parks Open for Registration
Monday, April 9: Blackstrap, Pike Lake;
Tuesday, April 10: Buffalo Pound, Douglas, Danielson;
Wednesday, April 11: Echo Valley, Rowan’s Ravine;
Thursday, April 12: Duck Mountain, Good Spirit Lake, Greenwater Lake;
Friday, April 13: Crooked Lake, Moose Mountain;
Monday, April 16: Cypress Hills;
Tuesday, April 17: Saskatchewan Landing, The Battlefords;
Wednesday, April 18: Meadow Lake;
Thursday, April, 19: Bronson Forest, Lac La Ronge, Makwa Lake;
Friday, April 20: Candle Lake, Great Blue Heron, Narrow Hills.
Campers interested in a seasonal site are reminded that starting tomorrow, January 3, they can apply for seasonal summer campsites for the 2018 season.  Seasonal campsites are in high demand and are allocated via a lottery system.  The deadline to submit completed applications is Thursday, February 1,  and the draw to award campsites will take place on Monday, February 5.  Successful applicants will be contacted by phone or email.
Park program planning is well underway in preparation for the 2018 camping season.  Follow SaskParks on Facebook to stay up to date with events and to learn more about winter and summer activities available in parks throughout the province.

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