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2011 a strong construction year for Swift Current

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The City of Swift Current has experienced a strong construction year in 2011, with a near record number of building permits approved.




Figures for the period until the end of November indicate $54.9 million in building permits were issued compared to $23.4 million last year for the same period, which is an increase of 113 per cent.

“That puts us in the second best year in history for the City of Swift Current in terms of the value of building permits issued,” City Director of Business Development Marty Salberg said. “So it’s been a real exciting year.”

The City approved building permits for 40 single family units, which is consistent with last year. There has been a significant increase in the number of building permits for multi-family units, with 112 this year compared to 20 last year.

The actual dollar value of residential building permits increased with 95 per cent from $14 million last year to $27.7 million this year.

“On the residential side, we’re seeing more people moving to Swift Current and there’s been more of a demand for the multi-family units,” he said.

A number of the multi-family units will be in the affordable housing category. Prairie Pioneers Independent Housing is building 24 units for affordable seniors rental accommodation and Silver Sage Housing Corporation is constructing 22 affordable rental units.

“That’s significant because those are in high need in any community,” Salberg said.

The City issued $27.2 million in building permits for commercial, industrial and government construction compared to $9.4 million last year, which is an increase of 190 per cent. Commercial building permits was the largest portion of this category, representing $15 million in value of permits issued compared to $6.6 million last year this time, which is an increase of 130 per cent.

“The nice thing is that a lot of these constructions — it’s throughout the whole city,” he said.

Two noticeable commercial developments are the Home Inn and Suites and Motel 6 in the vicinity of the casino. While work has already started, the majority of construction will take place in 2012.

“So there’s going to be a lot of work there,” Salberg said.

On the northeast side near the regional hospital, the construction of a 77-unit personal care home is due to start in the spring and some homes will also be build in that area. As part of what will be the future integrated facility, the construction of new school buildings for the Chinook and Holy Trinity school divisions will probably get under way in 2012.

With the recent completion of the process to annex additional land on the City’s northwest and northeast sides, there is room for future development and construction.

“It’s sure going to allow us to plan for the future,” he said. “Currently our engineering and planning department are conducting an area structure plan to see how that should best be developed.”

Salberg expects 2012 to be another good year for Swift Current.

“We’re going to have another extremely good year in 2012, I’m quite confident of that,” he said. “I think in general our economy is going to be extremely strong in 2012. It is good news.”


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