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Friday, 03 November 2017 05:22

Cypress Health moving ahead with proposal for primary health site in Cabri

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The Cypress Health Region is moving ahead with a proposal to implement the primary health care model in Cabri.

The health region provided an update about the process during a regular meeting of the Cypress Regional Health Authority board in Swift Current Oct. 25.
The sole physician in the community, Dr. Fanie de Nysschen, retired at the end of July.
According to Cypress Health Vice President for Primary Health Care Bryce Martin the health region has been trying to recruit a new physician for the community, but those efforts have been unsuccessful so far.
The health region therefore had discussions with the Town of Cabri and surrounding municipal councils.
“We talked to the municipal councils about the options available regarding recruitment,” he said. “In this case, because we have successfully implemented eight other primary care sites in the region and the province is endorsing primary health care moving forward, it’s an option to discuss.”
An information evening took place at the community hall in Cabri Sept. 27 to discuss the health region's proposal to use the primary health care model.
“The objective of the evening was to share information about primary health care programming and the services that are available, as an option to doing the status quo of just physically recruiting a permanent fee-for-service physician in the community,” he said.
There were various presentations during the evening to provide residents with a better understanding of the primary health care model.
“We had two nurse practitioners provide a presentation, a dietitian, various chronic disease educators, a primary health care physician provided commentary and then just general what the intent of primary health care and the model is all supposed to include,” he said.
The information meeting was attended by more than 170 people. Martin felt the meeting was a success.
“We had really good questions and answers from the crowd after the presentations were provided, but we were told that the information that was provided to the participants really answered and addressed a lot of their concerns or their questions that they maybe would have asked in the Q&A session,” he said. “So from that perspective, the information shared was successful and the questions that came up afterwards were more for clarity.”
An informal vote was taken at the end of the meeting to get a sense of people's views about the primary health care model as an option for health service delivery in the community.
“We never counted and there wasn’t a formal vote or anything like that, but in the vicinity of 80 to 85 per cent of the people in the crowd put up their hands,” he said. “So from that it’s a great indication that the community are supportive of primary health care moving forward and that they can see the benefits of having access to the various programs and services associated with it.”
Since then the health region has been developing a proposal for the Ministry of Health to request funding for a primary health care site in Cabri.
“A primary health care site proposal will include funding for a physician, nurse practitioner, operational expenses with the building that we will provide the primary health care clinic within and technological expenses that we would need, because there would be an electronic medical records or EMR system set up within the clinic so that all of the providers have the ability to monitor electronically what each team member is contributing to the care of that individual patient,” he explained.
The proposal is almost ready for submission to the Ministry of Health, but there is not a timeline for a decision.
“Once they’ve had the opportunity to ask any kind of questions for clarity and they make their determination on whether or not the application is appropriate for a primary health care site, then they would tell us what we would be approved for funding,” he said. “Then we can implement a primary health care site based upon that level of funding.”
In the meantime the health region is continuing the recruitment efforts for a physician for Cabri and arrangements have been made to ensure ongoing delivery of health care services there.
“We’re helping the community in finding locums or temporary physicians to be present at the clinic on as much a continual basis or consistent basis as these locums are available,” Martin said. “We’ve been doing that since August and we’re going to continue doing that until we either hear back on the status of the application or the proposal to the primary health care branch. If a positive recruitment comes forward then we would have to weigh the pros and cons of waiting for the finalization of the proposal or moving forward with the fee-for-service physician recruitment.”

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