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Southwest Enterprise Region Launches "Economic Measurement with Unprecedented Precision"

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Economic development in the southwest part of Saskatchewan is now a much more precise process because of the "economic baseline measurement project" that was recently completed by Southwest Enterprise Region (SWER).

With this economic measurement process in place, SWER can undertake the following actions such as the following, by way of example, on a regular basis:
• When businesses expand, SWER will be able to measure and communicate it.
• When investment is attracted from outside our southwest region, SWER will be able to measure and communicate it.
• When employees are attracted to regional companies, enabling companies to grow, SWER will be able to measure that accurately and share the results with people in the region.
SWER initiated the baseline measurement in order to help companies, employers, agencies and policy makers make the right decisions by providing precise measurement of the results on regional competitiveness and economic readiness.

In compiling this data, sessions were held with a wide range of stakeholders as well as almost 150 businesses from all across the Southwest region. Direct responses from 34 businesses, with a particular focus on those that most significantly impact the regional economy and which were willing to commit to providing update information on an annual basis, created the baseline information that will provide a precise economic measurement system for the region on an ongoing basis.
Participating companies, employers, agencies and the public will now have annual access to precise information on:
·      The southwest region's economic status,
·      The southwest region's economic progress going forward, and
·      Success in business and employee attraction to the southwest region.
 For more information on the Economic Baseline Project, visit

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