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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 15:00

New ‘coach’ wants to help businesses grow

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By John R. Statton — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jennifer Lyster wants to coach your business.

The Growth Coach is a cross-Canada franchise, and Lyster acquired the Saskatchewan franchise last fall.

“Basically the reason why I was looking to move on, or to branch out, is really the passion to work with people on professional, as well as the personal basis,” she said.

“To assist them in achieving their goals, their passions and dreams, while at the same time embracing their true self, and making some changes to reach their goals.”

A growth coach is a business coach. Simply put, business coaching is the art and science of guiding an entrepreneur — be it self-employed professionals or team management employees — to overcome their own perceived or actual obstacles and limitations.

Lyster’s Growth Coach is designed to help individuals reach their optimal success in business and life.

“What I find is that in good economies business owners want to aggressively grow their business, and yet in tough economies they want to hold on and not lose everything that they’ve created,” she said.

“So what we do is help owners to define and create a better future for themselves while at the same time, other people in the community are enriched as well — be it employees, their families, customers, supplier and vendors.”

Lyster believes business should continue to grow regardless of the economy.

She kicked off her new business officially in April.

 “Some of it is my own background, I’ve had quite an extensive experience in different areas; business and finance, that sort of thing,” she said. “Then of course there was also training down in Cincinnati that I go to, and continue to do.”

Most recently Lyster worked as the CEO for the Swift Current Chamber of Commerce 2007 to the present.

She also consults contract services for computer and business solutions to corporations and individuals. Lyster has also done mortgage brokering, and has owned other franchises.

“There’s a very large area that I’ll have to cover with Saskatchewan, and at the moment it’s doing a lot of basic networking, and getting involved with other Chambers of Commerce and economic development, and other businesses outside of Swift Current as well branching out a bit,” she said.

“In Swift Current, there’s definitely a market, and I think there’s some excellent business owners that would be interested in furthering their own businesses as well as themselves personally. Coaching is an ongoing process, and I think it would be a great thing for the community.”

Lyster will continue as CEO of the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

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