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Wednesday, 23 March 2011 15:43

Living Sky Casino cuts employees’ hours

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By John R. Statton
Swift Current
Despite rumblings of a closure, the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority will continue to operate in Swift Current.

Approximately 234 Living Sky Casino employees had their hours cut recently.

“We are actually reducing the hours, but our employees are working across the board,” said Pat Cooke, vice president of corporate affairs for Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA).

“We don’t want to be laying off any of our employees; we’re trying to preserve as many people as we can through the reduction of scheduled hours.”

Cooke said the reduction of hours varied, but would not comment by how much. Some casino employees have come forward citing a deficit of four hours in their workweeks.

“Generally, it’s just a reduction of hours for all of our employees,” said Cooke.

“One of the things that we recognize is that our staffing levels were too high for the current demands of our business, so we’re just reducing hours to meet the current demand at the casino right now.”

Rumours of SIGA closing down the casino were posted across social media websites, and amongst staff. Cooke acknowledged there were no plans to cease operations in Swift Current.

“We have no intention of closing the doors of the casino, and the casino will remain open,” she said.
“We’ve made a major investment in Swift Current, and we believe that it’s still a very good business opportunity for us.”

According to Cooke SIGA invested $35 million on the property, invested in different opportunities within Swift Current, and rolled out a volunteer program in the city.

“Nothing to worry about with our employees, and we’ve actually been out there talking to them and making sure that they understand that,” she said.

“For us, we’re still very excited about what’s happening in Swift Current, we want to become a part of that community just like we are in every other community that we’re in, and we want to be those good corporate citizens that we’re known to be across Saskatchewan.”

There’s no word on how long the cuts will be in effect, and SIGA will continue to communicate any changes to the casino employees.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation out there, and we’ll see how things go,” she said.

“We try to be as transparent as we can as we go along.”

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