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Ghostown Blues offers quaint accommodations

Written by  Andrea Carol
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Every “wagon” at Ghost Town Blues gives guests a unique and memorable experience. Every “wagon” at Ghost Town Blues gives guests a unique and memorable experience. Photo by Andrea Carol

On the west side of Maple Creek, Sask., a lonely highway leads to the coziest wagons in southwest Saskatchewan.

This mysterious get-away offers a beautiful, rustic venue for live music, weddings and reunions and is a high-rated bed and breakfast.
Just next door to the scenic Cypress Hills, this little piece of heaven was established in 2009. Hisey’s Ghostown Blues Bed and Breakfast is a finely tuned expression of a long-time Maple Creek resident Greg Hisey. The popular resort is booked up a year in advance and is open from mid-April to the end of September.
Caralee Hansen, a customer service representative for Ghostown Blues, has worked at the resort for the past two years. She is originally from the Maple Creek area and is a good friend of the Hiseys.
“Ghost Town Blues developed about eight years ago. Greg Hisey purchased the church which is originally out of a small community. It was sold in the early 1940s to the Lutheran Congregation here in Maple Creek. It was used as the Lutheran Church in Maple Creek until their current new one was built, at which time after it had been there, it was sold to a local who used it as a storage shed. Greg purchased it and restored it over a course of a one winter with his son. The local gentleman that owned most of the township had returned Greg with the original cross that sits on our deck today,” explains Hansen.
“The church was rather dilapidated and it’s now been restored. The stained-glass window at the front doors of the church is out of an Alberta Monastery. The doors are from a hotel that was being demolished in Helena, Montana.”
The neatly-landscaped property is lined with antique sheep wagons and buildings. At the end of the property is the Lutheran Church which is now used for musical performances, gatherings, weddings and sometimes lodging. The acoustics in the old church are fantastic and it’s attracting artists for recording purposes. Twin Peaks will be recording an album in the church this fall.
“Greg decorates it with not only his family memorabilia, but his passion for collecting wagons,” adds Hansen with a grin. “Our Senate Sheep Wagon is our most historical and accurately correct Sheep Wagon. It is currently appraised at just under $40,000. It has an original and functioning sheep wagon stove, original bed, ice box, lamp holders, gun racks and storage. It’s actually your first modern RV. You can actually hook a team of mules to that today and live like a pair of gypsies in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan and live quite comfortable.”
The meticulous craftsmanship and hard work that has been invested in to this quaint bed and breakfast is evident from the moment one drives in to the yard and it has attracted people and artists from all over. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and worthy of a place on any bucket list.
Ghostown Blues Bed and Breakfast is located near Maple Creek. For more information, see the website at:

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