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Sask. Transportation Company annual report released

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The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) released its 2016-17 Annual Report today.

On March 22, 2017, just prior to the company’s fiscal year end, the government announced that STC would be wound up over the coming year.

“The difficult decision to wind up the organization was in response to declining ridership, the growing requirement for subsidies, and the belief that the dollars could be better directed to other government priorities,” Minister Responsible for STC Joe Hargrave said.  “The staff at STC did a remarkable job as demonstrated by the high customer satisfaction ratings the company received.”

STC vehicular operations ended on May 31, 2017.

The company continues to fulfil its contract as an agency for Greyhound Canada with a small contingent of front-line staff in Regina and Saskatoon until the end of September.  There is also a small group of staff focused on the administrative aspects of winding up the company.

“STC has travelled more than 250 million miles since its inception in 1946,” STC President and CEO Shawn Grice said.  “We are proud of our safety record and our high customer satisfaction ratings over the past 70 years.  STC would like to thank all of the passengers and parcel express customers for their patronage.”

Highlights of STC’s 2016-17 Annual Report include:
    •    Operating Grant of $12.4 million (2015-16 15 month: $13.25 million)
    •    Capital Grant of $1.2 million (2015-16 15 month: $0.45 million)
    •    $14.9 million in revenues (2015-16 15 month: $18.5 million)
    •    $49.1 million in operating expenses (2015-16 15 month: $35.2 million)
    •    Carried 185,678 passengers (2015-16 15 month: 244,785)
    •    Travelled just over 2.8 million miles (4.5 million kilometres), serving 253 Saskatchewan communities
    •    Passenger satisfaction rating of 95 per cent (2015-16: 93 per cent)
    •    Parcel express customer satisfaction rating of 95 per cent (2015-16: 95 per cent)
The 2016-17 STC Annual Report is available online at www.stcbus.com.

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